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  • Explore All The New Upcoming Products From Cleer Audio For 2020

    2020 is set to be an exciting year for Cleer Audio! There are so many new and innovative upcoming products set for release this year, everything from smart wireless speakers to intuitively designed Bluetooth noise cancelling headphones, as well as true wireless earbuds built for active lifestyles. In the year ahead, no matter what your

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  • This Is What Your Headphones Say About Your Personality

    Your headphones will say a lot about who you are. In many ways, they reflect your personality accurately. Are you someone who prizes quality audio experiences above everything? Do you want to block out the world around you and drown out the noise? Is freedom the most important thing to you when listening or traveling?

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  • A Portable Water-Resistant Bluetooth Speaker for Non-Stop Entertainment

    Cleer Audio is here to make sure that the party never stops no matter where you are. Enjoying music in the great outdoors is one of life’s great pleasures and the opportunity to take your music anywhere is just too good to pass up. Whether you’re at the beach working on your tan, in the

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  • Improve Your Listening Experience with Lifestyle-Focused In-Ear Headphones: Ally, Ally Plus, and Edge Pulse

    Let’s start today’s discussion with some questions: Why do you use earbuds? Where do you use them? Are you the type to pop them on when you’re heading to work? Or maybe you prefer to use them while working out so you can transfer the energy from your favorite song into getting more reps. Then

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  • Introducing Enduro 100: A Hot New Release for Audiophiles

    Cleer Audio’s new Bluetooth over ear headphones have been engineered to keep up with your busy lifestyle, whatever it might be. A nagging problem that affects and annoys all wireless headphone users is battery life. The constant need to charge headphones on a daily basis, coupled with the threat of burning through this power after only a short amount of usage, can make it difficult for people to truly

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  • ALLY: True Wireless Earbuds with Premium Sound Quality

    A must-have today is a pair of quality wireless earbuds you can use day in and day out regardless of weather, activity, or duration. After all, when the world around you is so busy that you need to tune everything out, popping in that pair of earbuds can be cathartic. The best part is when

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