NEXT Audiophile Headphones for Discerning Listeners

Melding form and function a luxurious, open-back, alloy structure provides the foundation from which the innovative ironless magnesium driver units emote bold and articulate, high-resolution sound as soft sheepskin for Cleer Next Audiophile headphones and memory foam caress you in comfort.

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Dynamic By Design

Our design inspiration for the Cleer NEXT audiophile headphone was driven by a singular idea: headphones that evoke the feelings of a favorite timepiece. Every design decision was influenced by a desire to create a product that would be considered delightfully exquisite, intimately personal and intended for decades of enjoyment--with zero compromise in performance, durability or comfort.


Ironless Driver Technology

Surpassing conventional soft-iron, single magnet designs, the NEXT audiophile headphone employ a patented Ironless motor assembly paired with a proprietary magnesium diaphragm for an emotional listening experience.


Premium & Durable Build Quality

6061-T6 aluminum was chosen for its light weight, high-strength, and workability, in this case resulting in an eye-catching design that’s equally as comfortable.


Open Back Design

The open-back design provides two immediate benefits: natural, spacious, sound reproduction devoid of coloration, and improved transient response-the headphone’s ability to respond to sudden changes within the waveform.


Luxurious Comfort

Especially shaped to surround the ear and hug the contours of the head, memory foam earpads deliver a superb wearing experience with the added benefit of enhanced acoustic performance.


Wired Connection

Quad-core, four-conductor cable allows for efficient connectivity. LEMO® push-pull, self-latching connectors for solid connection.

NEXT Specs


  • Weight395g
  • Driver40mm Ironless Driver with Magnesium diaphram
  • Frequency Response10Hz-45kHz
  • Headphone TypeOver-Ear Wired Headphones
  • Connection6.3mm Adapter


  • Max. Power Handling90mW / 1.2V (10% THD)
  • Optimal Power Requirement10mW (0.4V)
  • THD<0.3% / 1mW / 1kHz
  • Sensitivity92dB / 1mW / 1kHz
  • Impedance16Ω


  • -Lightweight, open, alloy structure for resonance-free listening
  • -40mm Ironless magnesium drivers for vivid Hi-Res sound
  • -3D earpads offer enhanced acoustic seal and long-term fit
  • -Sheepskin and memory foam earpads provide luxurious comfort
  • -LEMO push-pull, self-latching connectors for solid connectivity
  • -1.5m audio cable, 1/4” audio adaptor, carrying pouch included

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Basic spec

Headphone Type?

Open back, over-ear Audiophile Headphones


400g/.89 lb.

Is it waterproof?


What is the driver size?

NEXT uses two 40mm patented ironless drivers.

What is the impedance?

NEXT Audiophile Headphones impedance is 16ohm.

What color is NEXT?

NEXT Audiophile Headphones is titanium color

Is the leather on the NEXT real? What type is it?

The headband and earpad of the NEXT Audiophile Headphones are made of soft lambskin leather.

What type of audio cable is included?

NEXT Audiophile Headphones assessory include one balanced output cable, with 3.5mm audio plug, and professional LEMO plug connectors.

Does it support Hi-Res audio?

NEXT Audiophile Headphones is certified by Hi-Res Audio

Product function

What is Ironless Driver?

The patented ironless technology can effectively handle complex sound distortion defects. This technology effectively controls the voice coil through 20 layered rare earth magnets, transforming the electric pulse into a natural and expressive sound.

What is a magnesium diaphram?

Cleer's exclusive 40mm magnesium diaphragm compensates for higher stiffness-to-mass ratios, provides superior damping characteristics, reproduces wider wideband audio, extends bass, smooth IF response and vivid high frequency response.

Does it need to be tempered?

We don't have an official position on the theory that headphones need to be ""tempered"". NEXT Audiophile Headphones have always been a good headset. As users become more accustomed to specific headphones, they will begin to notice the frequency response range and nuances of the headset, so it is said that the headphone and its features are more appreciated. For more information on the ""tempering"" theory, see (

What kind of amplifier is required for NEXT headphone?

The impedance of the NEXT Audiophile Headphones is only 16 ohm, and it can be driven without a power amplifier.

Are there microphones on NEXT?


What is the difference between open and closed design headphones?

Open type means that the back of the driver's horn is connected to the outside world. When in use, the user can hear the outside world, and the people around can hear the sound from the headphones. The Audiophile Headphones have a large sound field, a more natural sound, and a more balanced tri-band.

If the headphones only have sound in one ear, or the sound level in each ear is different, how can I solve this issue?

Need to determine where the problem is - headphones or audio source 1) Make sure the audio plug of the headset is securely connected to the audio device. The properly connected cable should not swing. If the plug is shaking, the connection is loose. Note: This may be caused by a cable that is not fully inserted, or it may be a problem with the input, or sometimes if the device to be connected has a housing that will prevent the cable from being properly inserted. 2) Make sure that there are no objects like dust or fluff in the headphone jack of the audio source, which may inhibit the connection and cause sound problems. 3) Check if the connection jack is clean. If the oil on your hands accumulates on the stopper or the sweat evaporates on the stopper, salt and dirt may prevent proper connection. You can wipe the connection jack with alkaline alcohol. 4) Try using the headphones on other audio sources to check if it is not caused by the original audio source (or settings on the audio source). If you are connected to an alternate audio source, the problem does not exist, which means the headset is good and the original audio source has problem. 5) If it is determined that there is a problem with the headphone, please contact us directly for more information.



Audiophile Headphones for Discerning Listeners

Original price was: $699.99.Current price is: $599.99.