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Our lightest true wireless sport earbuds created to offer a secure, yet comfortable fit. They sit lightly in your ear, eliminating pressure in the ear-canal unlike other competitive earbuds, providing extended use without discomfort. These are perfect for running and most forms of exercise. The soft c-shape wings will keep the sport earbuds securely in place during the most tough workouts. The Goal Bluetooth® sport earbuds offer custom tuned 14mm dynamic drivers that produce robust sound and deep bass, providing that sonic boost to finish strong.

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Relaxed Comfort

Lightweight passive earbud design allows the earbud to rest outside of your ear canal for added comfort without blocking surrounding noises. The design makes taking phone calls, with its echo suppression technology and two mic design, an enjoyable experience.

Secure Twist Fit

GOAL earbuds remain secure and comfortable no matter the workout. With a Floating Freebit® C-skirt, simply insert earbud in ear and twist to lock in place.

Adventure & Workout Ready

IPX4 sweatproof, water-resistant design with silicon coated control button and drop resistant design ensures long-lasting durability.

Lasting Battery

Up to 20hrs of total music playback with the included charging case. *6hrs playback with earbuds, 14hrs additional with charging case.

USL Team Branded Case

Cleer is the offcial audio partner of the United Soccer League. For a limited time, choose a team branded GOAL charging case.

Powerful Sound

A custom tuned 14mm dynamic driver provides you with an exceptional range of sound keeping the vocals CLEER and the bass hard hitting.

Intuitive Controls

Simple Touch Pad gestures allow you to control calls, track skip, play/pause, volume, and your voice assistant.



  • Lightweight passive earbud design eliminates pressure from your ear canal
  • Secure Twist Fit with Floating Freebit C-skirt, keeps the earbuds in place while exercising (S, M, L sizes)
  • IPX4 sweatproof, water-resistant design for rigorous workouts
  • Custom tuned 14mm dynamic driver
  • 20 hrs of total music playback (earbuds = 6 hrs, charging case 14)
  • Track skip, play/pause, volume controls and access your phones voice assistant from the earbuds
  • Wear to listen, remove to pause with built in sensor
  • 2-mic design with echo noise suppression technology for clear phone calls
  • Charging case provides 14hr of additional playback
  • USB-C charging port with USB-C cable included
  • Quick Start Guide and Manual included


  • Freebit C Skirts Goal
  • Goal Case
  • Goal
  • QSG
  • USB C to A

5 reviews for GOAL

  1. 5
    (5 reviews)

    Barbara S.

    I’ve been waiting for these to come out and I finally got one! These are extremely comfortable, lightweight, sound great and I don’t hear that annoying boom each time my foot hits the pavement when I run. Love these!

  2. 4
    (5 reviews)

    Monroe B.

    Nice pair of earbuds. They are so lightweight I almost forget I’m wearing them. I usually have trouble because I feel discomfort wearing earbuds that “stick” in the ear with a silicone earbud, but earbuds of this style usually fall out of me ears super easily. The silicone wing included make these earbuds the best! They don’t cause discomfort OR fall out of my ears. Sound quality is decent, touch controls take some time to get used to, but are super useful. Battery life is pretty good given the price. Overall I’m pretty happy with the Goal and would recommend to my friends. ????

  3. 4
    (5 reviews)

    Shiba-Ken 1

    I was waiting for this kind of earbuds that actually rests well inside my ear while jogging (near the beach) and working from home without pain. Regarding to the sound, I just love it! The vocal clarity is pretty impressive and overall reproduction of the sound is well-balanced.
    Just found out that this company is from California. Cool!

  4. 5
    (5 reviews)

    Ben S.

    After all the intensive research, I have finally decided to purchase Goal headphone a few days ago. I have been using it for running, listening to music at home, and taking conference calls both from my computer and phone and so far I have been a very happy customer.

    Goal fits much better for my ears than Apple AirPods 2 thanks to the included ear wings. The trick here is to choose right size ear wings. After switching to small ones, they stay in comfortably during my everyday run and workout.

    Besides fit, another reason that I like Goal is the call quality. I have been having difficulties finding an alternative for AirPods 2 largely because I was not able to find one with comparable call quality. Like everyone else, I have been working from home since March and headphones are becoming work essentials. With Goal, my vocal comes out clear during zoom calls either using computer or phone.

    Other than better fit and excellent call quality, sound is decent, not perfect but good enough with solid bass and clear vocal. Battery life is reasonable at 20 hours total. Water proof is IPX4 although I wish it could be IPX5 but we will see after a few months of usage.

    Overall, I am happy with the purchase.

  5. 4
    (5 reviews)

    Anthony Domicello (verified owner)

    Very handsome earbuds! They work great! The goal connect fast, have good range, and sound very good. Super comfy and nice amount of fit options. Problem with them is they lean too much toward comfort so the “skirts” are too soft. While the fit is stable they don’t push in as much as they should and let bass escape a bit too much. Since they don’t have skin to cover the plastic driver part and help seal the only way to preserve bass is to push the driver inward. Perhaps an optional set with firmer wings will be released for those who need it. Still an excellent set and was a nice price with the code.

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Basic spec

What is the playback time of Goal?

Goal sport earbuds provide up to 6 hours of continual playback when fully charged

What is the charging time of Goal?

Goal's charging case will be fully charged in 2 hours when using 5V1A wall adaptor

What is the battery capacity of Goal?

Each Goal earbud is equipped with a high-capacity polymer lithium-ion battery. Battery capacity for each earbud is 85mAh, while the charging case is 400mAh.

What size charging adapter can be used to charge the case?

For best results, it's recommended that you use a 5V1A qualified adapter or use a computer's USB interface to charge the case.

What charging port type is used for the Goal?

The Goal charging case has a USB-C charging port.

Is a power adaptor included?

The power adaptor needs to be purchased separately. To charge the Goal case, please use a qualified 5V1A power adaptor.

What is the weight of Goal?

The Goal earbud weighs 6.5g/.0132 lb. The charging case weighs 50g/.11 lb.

Is Goal waterproof?

Yes, Goal's earbuds are IPX4 certified, making them perfect for working out.

What is the speaker size of Goal?

14mm high quality dynamic driver

What color is the Goal?

The Goal is Black/Red

What is the Bluetooth version of Goal?

Bluetooth 5.0

What Bluetooth chipset is used on Goal?

Goal uses the Qualcomm QCC3020 chipset

What operating temperature is suitable for Goal?

Goal has a suitable operating temperature of 5-35°/41-95°F. If Goal is placed in excessive heat or low temperatures, product performance many be affected.

Can Goal be paired with an Android phone or Apple iPhone?

Yes. The Goal is Bluetooth 5.0 compliant and backward compatible. It can be connected to all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones (Android/iOS), tablet, PC, TV and other electronic devices

Does Goal support aptX?


Does it support Active Noise Cancellation?


How many different sizes of wings do you provide?

We provide 3 sizes of Freebit silicon skirt (S,M,L), please refer to the owners manual on how to switch between sizes to find the correct fit.

Product function

How do you pair to a smart phone with Goal?

Press and hold the touchpad on both earbuds for 5 seconds, the earbud indicator LED flashes red and white alternately. At this time, the earbuds will enter Bluetooth pairing mode. Select Cleer Goal in the Bluetooth list on your phone or computer to connect your device. Please refer to the owners manual for additional information on how to pair the Goal earbuds.

Goal earbuds are out of sync (only one earbud is receiving audio)

This process will re-sync the two earbuds together. 1. Place Goal earbuds back in charging case. 2. Go into your Bluetooth settings on connected source device and forget Goal earbuds from your Bluetooth settings. 3. Turn off Bluetooth settings on your phone. 4. Take both Goal earbuds out of case and place them on the table. 5. Pick up one of the earbuds and tap the control pad 5 times quickly, holding your finger on the touchpad on your 5th tap until you see it flash red/white. 6. Once it flashes red/white, tap the same earbud on the touchpad 8 times. (you do not need to hold your finger on the touchpad on 8th tap). Goal should flash white several times, then red, red, white. 7. Place Goal earbud that is flashing red, red, white back on table and repeat steps 5 and 6 on the other earbud. 8. One of the earbuds will start quickly flashing red/white. This signals that the earbuds have been reset and have entered pairing mode and is looking for a device. 9. Grab your phone / smart device and turn on your Bluetooth. Enter the Bluetooth settings and you should see Goal in your "ready to pair" device list. 10. Select Goal and follow any on-screen prompts.

Can Goal be connected to a computer?

Yes, Goal can be connected with a computers that supports Bluetooth

Will Goal reconnect automatically after disconnected?

Yes, when the Goal is powered on and is within Bluetooth range it will automatically reconnect.

How can you connect Goal to a second device?

Manually enter Bluetooth pairing mode on the Goal. When in pairing mode, Cleer Goal should appear in your Bluetooth device setting on your phone. Please refer to the Goal user manual for complete instructions.

Can Goal be connected to two devices?

No, Goal can only be paired and connected to one device.

How to clear Goal's Bluetooth memory?

To clear the pairing memory, take the following steps: 1. Put both earbuds into the Bluetooth pairing mode; 2. Press and hold the touchpanel until the red light flashes 3 times; 3. The pairing memory is cleared.

Is the Bluetooth connection stable?

The Goal is using Qualcomm's 3020 solution alongside a specially designed Bluetooth antenna. According to Bluetooth version 5.0, this results in Bluetooth connectivity that is more stable, faster, and more resistant to interference. Perfect for using in the gym while working out. The sport earbuds can operate when 30m from your Bluetooth source

How to control your Goal?

There is a touchpad on each Goal sport earbud for control.

What functions does the Goal touchpad control?

The touchpad can control play/pause music, volume and answer/hang up calls. It can also control track skip and launch connected device voice assistant making it easy to operate while running or working out.

Can I make a call with the Goal earbud?

Yes, each earbud of the Goal headphones are equipped with separate microphones, which can be used to support calls.

Is the music automatically paused when there is a call?

Yes. When you answer a call with either Goal earbud, the music will automaticly pause. When you hang up, your music will resume.

Does the music stop/start when earbuds are removed or placed back into your ears?

Yes, each Goal earbud has a sensor that will pause music when you remove an earbud or re-start music when you place them back into your ear.

Is there voice assistant?

Goal will support the connected device default voice assistant

Is there an LED indicator?

Goal earbuds have an indicator on each side. In different states, there will be different lights. The Goal charging case also has an indicator light which shows battery status.

Will the remaining battery capacity be displayed after connecting to a phone?

You can check the earbuds battery level on your phone. For iPhone users it will display next to. the phones battery capacity next to the headphone icon in the control center or you can add batteries to the today widget. For Android phones, this can be found in the settings -> connected devices -> Bluetooth

Is there a low battery warning?

Yes. When the battery is less than 10%, there will be a “low battery” voice prompt.

Does it support power off timer?

No, but the earbuds will turn off once placed into the charging case

Can you rename the sport earbuds in your device?

Yes, the user can rename the Earbuds in their phones' Bluetooth settings.



True Wireless Sport Earbuds

$99.99 $79.99