ENDURO ANC Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones

Enduro ANC is the first noise-cancelling wireless headphone with 60hrs of battery life. Our Active Noise Cancellation technology cancels sounds by 25dB, ensuring tranquility in noisy environments. With 2-mics and Qualcomm\'s cVc 8th gen noise suppression, these Bluetooth® headphones are great for phone calls. Customize your experience with the free Cleer+ app.


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Noise Cancellation &
Ambient Mode

Superb noise cancelling performance that blocks unwanted noise and lets you immerse in your music. Ambient Awareness mode allows you to let outside audio in to hear the world around you without removing your headphones.


Multipoint Connectivity & Enhanced Call Quality

With Multipoint Connectivity, you can quickly switch between up to two connected devices at the same time. For example, listen to music on your phone and quickly transition to a video call on your laptop without needing to disconnect & reconnect your headphones.

Enduro ANC Noise cancelling wireless headphones also provides excellent call quality with 2-mics and Qualcomm® cVc™ (clear voice capture) 8th gen noise suppression.


Cleer+ App

With the free Cleer+ App, you can customize and adjust the noise cancelling and environment sound levels for better awareness. Customizable EQ levels give you control of your audio. The app also allows you to check the remaining battery life and update the firmware of your Enduro ANC wireless noise cancelling headphones.


Ironless Driver™

40mm patented Ironless Drivers™ produce bold and articulate Hi-Res sound. Bluetooth® 5.0 with AptX™ Adaptive high-quality music streaming.


Lasting Battery

Extended battery life provides up to 60hrs of playback from a single charge with noise cancellation and Bluetooth enabled.


Intuitive Controls

Convenient buttons located on the left earcup allow for easy-to-use control over volume, music playback, calls, your voice assistant, and noise cancelling/ambient modes.


  • ENDURO ANC Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

  • Soft Pouch

  • Quick Start Guide, User Manual, Warranty Card

  • Charging Cable USB-C to USB-A

  • Audio Cable USB-C to 3.5mm

  • In-Flight Adapter



  • Weight280g
  • Driver40mm Ironless™
  • Frequency Response (Bluetooth)20Hz-20kHz
  • Frequency Response (Line-In)20Hz-40kHz
  • Headphone TypeOver-Ear
  • FoldableYes
  • MicrophonescVc 2-mic 8th gen
  • InputsBluetooth, Passive Line-in USB-C to 3.5mm


  • Bluetooth Version5.0
  • Audio FormatsMP3, SBC, AAC, aptX adaptive
  • Bluetooth MultipointYes, pairs seamlessly to multiple devices


  • Battery Life60hrs
  • Charge MethodUSB-C
  • Quick Charge10min charge provides 2hrs of playback


  • -Active Noise Cancellation
  • -Ambient Sound Control
  • -Conversation Mode
  • -Sound Personalization via Cleer+ App

20 reviews for ENDURO ANC

  1. 5
    (20 reviews)

    Jeremy W.

    The sound quality on these puppies are insane. What’s even better is that you can adjust the EQ with the app and really dial in the sound depending on the type of audio. I use them a ton for work too, because they are super comfortable and the long battery life let me use it for work calls all day long without having to worry about charging them. Mic quality is super high too. Crystal clear.

  2. 5
    (20 reviews)


    Absolute quality. The long battery makes it perfect for WFH, gaming, travel and everything that comes with being quarantined inside. Super comfortable and easy to use. Incredibly satisfied!

  3. 5
    (20 reviews)

    Victor Y.

    These headphones are great! They feel sturdy and very high end. Super comfy and most importantly… the battery life is….. Amazing!

  4. 5
    (20 reviews)

    Anthony A.

    I’m a bit of a headphones snob and these are top of the line. Sleek design, crisp sound (the EQ adjustment in the app is clutch), and the battery life is wild. Can’t recommend highly enough.

  5. 5
    (20 reviews)

    Garrett S.

    The battery life is truly remarkable, and I was thoroughly impressed with the EQ and high fidelity of the headphones. Smooth low end, pristine mids and highs. Paired with the Cleer+ app, it’s awesome to play with the various features (such as noise cancelling and ambient modes) and the equalizer. Highly recommend!

  6. 5
    (20 reviews)

    Justin K.

    I got this pair last week and have been wearing them nearly every day for about 4-5 hours a day and I’m still sitting above 50% battery. It’s crazy how far ANC battery life technology has come.

    – Punchy bass, but it isn’t muddy (looking at you Beats…)
    – Active Noise Cancellation is superb! (WARNING: Your significant other might think you’re purposefully ignoring them if they don’t try the ANC while listening to something themselves. I seriously almost got in a fight with my girlfriend because these cancel sound so good… Thanks Cleer Audio?)
    – Near perfect comfort (I’ve never owned a pair of closed back headphones this comfortable. They’re honestly giving my open back Sennheiser PC37x’s a run for their money in that department)
    – Solid BT Mic (Better than most wireless headphones. It does pick up ambient noise a bit, like my blue switch mechanical keyboard, but that’s an issue with every wireless headset that doesn’t have a dedicated external mic on a stem. If you have a normal keyboard, a relatively quiet space, these are perfect for zoom calls)
    – Literally no sound leakage (Remember how I almost got into a fight? Well that’s partially because my girlfriend didn’t hear that System of a Down was blaring in my ears despite standing 3 feet away from me, so she thought I was just purposefully ignoring her and not that I was just incapable of hearing her over Serj Tankian yelling in my ears).
    – The aesthetics… just wow. Sleek, minimalistic, but still enough flash to make a statement without looking like you’re trying to make one (*Cough* Beats *Cough*). Honestly, before the AirPods Max came out, if you removed the Cleer Audio Badging and stuck an Apple silhouette on these you wouldn’t think twice if someone told you this is what Apple’s new headphones would look like.
    – Battery life: I already told you in the first sentence, mate. These bad boys only need me charged once a week if you’re going to use them for your 9-5 job. That’s incredibly impressive.
    – Build Quality: Solid. Aluminum band (plastic interior for the size adjustment mechanism, but it’s thick and just a solid slab parallel to and flushed against the aluminum band so it isn’t a snapping threat… actually really smart design to brace the plastic with metal). These are headphones that are built to withstand being tossed around a bit, which makes them perfect travel companions and likely the only piece of electronics that will survive the airport crew’s luggage shot putting contest they seem to always hold with my suitcase whenever I fly.
    – Controls: Very good. Personally I prefer to control volume with a wheel or dial, but I know others that prefer a button. It’s literally a personal preference and not a slight against the design. As far as buttons go, they’re in an easily accessible spot and feel nice to press. At the end of the day they at least didn’t join the trend in using inaccurate and unintuitive touch based/gesture controls (looks at my buddy’s Sony WH-1000XM3’s he left over here the other day)… *shudders*.
    – Price: You’re getting more than what you paid for. These are easily $200 headphones and that’s me being conservative. I’d put these in the $250+ range and they compete against a lot of the overpriced sets as well (Bose, I’m not saying you’re bad, but you’re not $300 good, let alone $379…)

    Cons: (Yes there are cons, I’m not biased.)
    – Mids are pretty good, but aren’t sparkly. (Note: This is a problem with almost all closed back earphones. They have reduced soundstage due to the fact that they are closed. Noise reverberates against the closed shell, it’s physics. You can compensate for that by creating a deeper earcup so there is extra space for the sound to separate and sound more balanced. Lower frequencies, like bass, will almost always overwhelm your mids/highs in small closed off spaces. The only pair of closed headphones that actually kind of have solved that issue really well are the Airpod Max’s, but they’re like $550 and well… I’m not about to compare these to something $400 more expensive. Let’s just say I rather have these and the extra $400 in my pocket). ——————–> DISCLAIMER: The app they have for these does have an equalizer. I haven’t messed with it yet, but some tweaking in there might help get those mids/highs singing where I want them to.
    – I mentioned that they were NEAR perfect comfort. I think the ear cups are stellar. I have slightly above average sized ears, yet the ear cups feel great. I don’t get ear fatigue at all. The one area I wish was a little more comfortable was the headband. It isn’t bad by any stretch of the means, but it does slightly hurt after a few hours. The padding is good, but I think it comes down to the band being slightly narrower than other pairs I’ve used. This means there is less surface area to disperse the the pressure. These are supposed to be optimized for travel, so I get the decision to go with a narrower headband is to reduce the bulkiness of these, but I think just a slightly wider headband would have made these absolutely perfect for my comfort preferences.

    I honestly don’t really have anything too critical to say about these headphones. They’re honestly solid and an INCREDIBLE value. You’re easily getting $250 headphones for $150. I would snatch these up before a pair of overpriced Bose Quiet Comforts or Sony WH-1000XM3 (seriously, who names these? I’m pretty sure saying the name out loud triggers extra captchas to appear on websites to make sure you’re not a robot).

    Anyways, you might not be familiar with Cleer Audio (I sure as heck wasn’t), but I decided to take a flyer on them and am now going to be recommending them in the future and trying out the rest of their catalog after trying this pair out. (Got their Stage BT speaker as well since it was on sale and holy cow that little thing sounds almost as good as my 2 big Sonos speakers in my ceiling. The little guy punches way above its weight. Wish I had that when I was in college throwing apartment parties on the regular haha).

  7. 5
    (20 reviews)

    Michael T

    Got these as a wedding gift this past week. I absolutely love them! Great sounds quality. Looks like I have a new favorite set of headphones!

  8. 5
    (20 reviews)

    denadia87 (verified owner)

    Great set of headphones! Top headband and ear cushions are very soft and comfortable. I saw a few reviewers say on youtube that the pressure between the earphones is tight but, I did not have that issue and I’m roughly 6’4″ and have people commenting on my large head size consistently. Coming out of the box the headphones are a little bassy which is easily remedied by downloading the cleer+ app and using the 5 band equalizer provided. Anc is great so far and definitely filters out almost all of that pesky background noise and, when you need it, the ambient mode helps bring through some of the more useful frequency ranges (such as people speaking). If I had one complaint, and it is so minor that I still felt these headphones deserved 5 stars, there is a very slight audio delay when play some video files. It is almost completely imperceptible but I’m a musician and kind of tuned to be able to see/hear that sort of thing. Absolutely worth the money as they are what they have been saying, loosely quoted “We want people to feel that these headphones are a set of premium headphones at a reasonable price”, which they absolutely are.

  9. 5
    (20 reviews)

    Tom D. (verified owner)

    I love these headphones. They connect quickly to my PC or phone, they have great range, and the sound is incredibly good. Don’t expect too much from the noise cancellation. The easy to use controls are perhaps my favorite aspect of these headphones . . . easy on and off, easy volume adjustment, and also it’s easy to switch between noise cancellation, ambient, and no effect. The controls are much easier for me to use than headphones with hidden touch switches like Jabra (those kind work nice in theory but are not as reliable in my experience, plus you have to remember where to tap to do whatever function you want to do!). I’m glad these headphones aren’t “auto on”–that function is not needed on these headphones because they are super easy to turn on and off (and you get a pleasant voice confirmation) and I never have to wonder if the headphones are actually on or off to preserve battery life.

    I think the sound on these headphones competes well with headphones costing much more; I don’t think Cleer has the popularity of some of the bigger brands, but they have done things right and I consider them a bargain find. Finally, the battery seems to last very long. I use the headphones frequently in the mornings and periodically think to charge the headphones, though I can’t think of a time that they have run out of juice on me. Thanks Cleer!

  10. 4
    (20 reviews)

    Tom M (verified owner)

    So why 4 stars and not 5? Because they aren’t perfect and can’t compete dollar for dollar with wired headphones. But bang for buck is solid.
    The Really Good: value, battery life, Bluetooth connectivity quality & speed are fantastic w/ really solid range
    The Good: sound quality, app makes significant improvements. Bumps in mids and highs make a world of difference. Bass is solid but not overpowering.
    The mediocre: the carry bag if fine but wish it had a hardshell case
    Comfort: Spread the spring steel band to reduce tightness and pressure points. Wish band had better padding and/or web to spread weight distrobution.

    • Jordan Turner (store manager)

      Thanks Tom. 4’s still not a bad mark but it’s sort of an apples to oranges comparison with wired compared to Bluetooth. Ha! I bet you’ll love our Next Audiophile “wired” headphones. There’s a great review that just came out on Forbes UK and one not too long ago on Headphonesty.com. The driver in that headphone is what we base our lineup on as that technology is our own IP. Thanks!

  11. 5
    (20 reviews)

    William Laster

    I just got back from Israel. I used the phones and they worked great. The sound and Base were just excellent. I was able to sleep with them and it really cut out the Airplane noise. But the cool function of the one button Ambient help me hear the captain’s instructions clearly after I adjusted on my phone app. the phone app is great… Thanks for a great product. I saw the review on Payette Forward a YouTube show. Your product came in third and the price was great, I like it better than my Son’s Bose. Thanks again

    • Jordan Turner (store manager)

      William, thank you so much for the kind words. We’re happy that we could help you with a little bit of quality audio combined with peace and quiet on your long trip to and from Israel. Thanks!

  12. 5
    (20 reviews)

    Jayanth R.

    I have been using the Enduro ANCs for over 8 months now. Here are my pros/cons:

    – The battery life is just insane, even much more expensive headphones from other top brands don’t come close to the Enduro ANCs. I don’t think I can ever get used to having less battery life than this. Lasts me anywhere from 1-2 weeks between charges, I like that I can binge-watch a TV show for hours on end without having to worry about my audio cutting out. I hope Cleer continues to include 60+ hrs rating on future products!
    – Noise cancellation works great to dull out noises like the washing machine or the fan, and doesn’t seem to reduce the battery life very much.
    – The microphone is *very* sensitive, there’s no need to raise your voice even a little in a call. Makes for much more natural conversations.
    – Fit and comfort are good. The headphones fit over my glasses just fine and it doesn’t impact the noise cancelling too much.
    – Build quality – this thing is built like a tank. I have bumped them pretty hard against a door or the walls a few times since I wasn’t used to wearing bulky headphones before. Not a single scratch on the plastic sides! I would absolute trust these headphones to be left at the bottom of a backpack even without a case.
    – Audio quality – I’m not an audiophile so I cannot give a very informed opinion, but these are perfect to my ears. Had to tinker with the EQ to find a setting I liked, and had no issues for both music and movies/shows.
    – Multipoint Bluetooth connectivity is great to have at this price point. I frequently have it connected to both my phone and TV, and it can switch between them seamlessly . It even pauses my TV if there’s an incoming call on my phone while something is playing.

    – I found the audio latency to be considerable sometimes, especially when connected to my TV. This could just be due to my devices, and there are usually ways to compensate for the delay. However I think there is a lot of room for improvement here, and I would switch to wired mode when using this for gaming.
    – The hinges and other bending parts on these headphones creak pretty loudly, and this can get annoying to others around you when putting them on or taking them off. This unfortunately gives a bit of a cheap feel compared to the more premium headphones. Would like to see this fixed on future products at this price point!
    – The android app sometimes fails to find my headphones and needs to be reinstalled or reset. Not a huge deal as I don’t need to use the app regularly.

    Overall, really great product for the price! I would definitely consider Cleer for my future headphones purchases.

    • Jordan Turner (store manager)

      Hi Jayanth! Thank you so much for your detailed review of the Enduro ANC! We really appreciate it and take the feedback seriously.

  13. 5
    (20 reviews)

    Jennifer (verified owner)

    So happy I bought these headphones! I’ve been looking to buy noise cancelling headphones for a while, but wanted to get the best bang for my buck on a budget. These are perfect. The sound is insanely good, so comfortable to wear, and I think they look pretty chic. The noise cancelling even helped me fall asleep on a flight, which is a miracle for me. I wish it came with a hard case, but I love them so much I can’t be mad about that. Highly recommend.

    • Cleer Audio Team (store manager)

      Hi Jennifer, thank you for the kind words and we’re really happy that you’re enjoying your Enduro ANC’s. Thank you for letting us know and for the excellent rating!

  14. 4
    (20 reviews)

    Eric H.

    I’ve been shopping around for a pair of ANC headphones for a while now, but did not want to spend $$$ on Bose or Sony’s. I wear headphones a lot at work and when traveling so comfort is a must. I also listen to a wide range of music — everything from opera to folk, metal to jazz — and while I’m not an audiophile, I do appreciate looking for and listening to the depth that music can provide. So far I’m really satisfied with these headphones. They are crisp and clear, with good, but not overpowering bass. If there was one small quibble is that when turned off (and listened to in purely analog mode over 3.5mm), the audio quality is really quite flat — not sure about the physics here, but it seems like the headphones rely on the onboard battery to move that 40mm driver. Given the whole-week lifespan of the batteries on these, I suppose that isn’t really much of an issue, but I do wish the sound was deeper in pure analog mode. I guess I know its possible since lots of pure-analog headphones do just fine.

    • Cleer Audio Team (store manager)

      Hi Eric, thank you for your comment on our Enduro ANC. For your concern about a flat sound when connected passively, our sound signature is based on a flat response and the impedance lessens this way as most people who listen like this typically like to boost the signal by using Headphone Amps and DAC’s to affect the sound to their liking with more power. The source of the music can affect the sound as well so if you’re listening passively through a mobile phone or a computer, you’ll have a limited amount of throw since the amplifiers on these products are weaker than if listened through a Receiver or a Headphone Amp. Hopefully this helps. Thanks

  15. 4
    (20 reviews)

    Michael Bryner

    I just got these an upgrade for issues with the Enduro 100 I had. I love these but there is some kind of issue with these the Enduro 100 did not have. These have some kind of random feedback sounds 1 to 3 noises per song randomly. I know it isn’t the phone because other headphones, even the Enduro 100 did not do it on AptX-HD. Do not know if they can update the firmware with a fix or not but it starting to get annoying with what sounds like mic feedback. I do not want every single pair of headphones being returned for issues. Just starting to get tired of them. I am not the only one getting the feedback sounds because a review on Amazon, says they have the same problem. Otherwise, these headphones are great. First pair of ANC headphones I have but can’t really says they are much better than noise isolation passive ones because I do not see much difference to say ANC is better. Saying with ANC sounds just like the Enduro 100 at same volume with same blocking of noise. To me ANC is not something to get excited about.

    • Cleer Audio Team (store manager)

      HI Michael, we’re sorry that you’re experiencing some type of feedback on your Enduro ANC’s as you explain. What are you hooked up to when your getting this sound? Is it happening no matter what you’re hooking up to? As a fail safe, we can put these back into factory specs with a full reset that should clear up any interference that you are having. Simply turn off the Enduro ANCs and then press and hold down the power button for approximately 10 seconds. You will hear them stat that they’re going into reset mode and once this happens, forget the old connection from your device and then reconnect them to that device. Let us know if this helps solve the issue. Thanks

  16. 4
    (20 reviews)


    Updated review:
    I first complained about the speakers blowing after only owning this for 8 months, but I found out through my other headphones that my audio program was adding in a crackle to my audio, most likely due to it not being supported on windows 11. The speakers are still the same quality as I purchased them.

    —Very fragile to water. Avoid water at all costs, leaving these headphones off in my restroom when I took a shower once (a 10-minute shower with hot water) caused my right ear ANC to stop functioning.
    —The audio is BAD out of the box. The high end is way too loud, sounds like a J curve to me. (I use Black Crow – Brent Cobb)
    —Limited profiles and eq adjustment in-app.
    —Slight vacuum effect with the ANC.

    —Great audio drivers, bass sounds great and there is an amazing top range. (Only a little tuning to make it sound amazing)
    —The ANC works well, great for plane rides.
    —Battery life is superb.
    —The controls on the headphones are well thought out and work well.
    —USB-C, and can connect to aux ports.

  17. 4
    (20 reviews)

    Meghan `Dove McAfee (verified owner)

    I am not an audiophile, just a person looking for ANC headphones with a decent mic to wear while working from home. So, for that purpose, I think these do a great job. The app, however, is absolutely terrible.

    • Cleer Audio Lead (store manager)

      Hi Meghan, thank you for the 4 star rating. We had an issue with our server for the App around the time that you wrote this but we fixed all issues very quickly as it’s robust and very easy to operate. Thanks again.

  18. 3
    (20 reviews)

    Carol Mitchell

    They are okay, not the best not the worst, I use them for win 11, DO NOT get the upgraded bluetooth drivers, the bluetooth driver that works with this for intel bluetooth is… the newest ones will NOT work, cut out ALL the time, Also Cleer, you could make them a LOT louder through the software, how I know this is, I used your software on my phone, and Dolby Access program on win 11, and then they are about 50% louder than stock. Can you at least fix this??? A lot more people would buy them if they were louder, and it’s not a hardware problem with the earphones, it’s a software problem.

  19. 4
    (20 reviews)

    Daniel Millen (verified owner)

    I purchased these headphones in November of 2021. They sound great and the battery lasts a really long time! The challenge I have is that although I have liked them since I got them, the headphones are now making weird noises while I am listening to them. I don’t know what is causing it, but they just so happened to be out of warranty so sucks for me I guess. Maybe it was just my pair, but if it is all of them, don’t expect them to last forever.

    • Cleer Audio Team (store manager)

      Hi Daniel, I’d still recommend reaching out to our customer support at info@cleeraudio.com to see if we can help address the issue.

  20. 5
    (20 reviews)


    I had to give these 5 stars. These things are the longest lasting headphones I have ever owned. I charge them and I forget when I last charged them. I compared these to a set of Shure over the ear and they were heavy and the controls were weird. The ANC works very well and the sound floor and tone is great. They do get a bit warm over time but they aren’t for the gym. You cant go wrong with a pair of these.

    • Cleer Audio Lead (store manager)

      Hi Karl, we’re so happy that you’re enjoying your Enduro ANC’s and thank you for the great 5 Star review!

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Basic spec

What is the playback time of Enduro ANC?

Enduro ANC wireless noise cancelling headphones can provide you (With ANC and BT ON) 60 hours playback time continuously with a fully charged battery

What is the charging time of Enduro ANC?

Enduro ANC bluetooth noise cancelling headphones will fully charge within 3 hours when connected to 5V1A output adaptor.

What is the standby time Enduro ANC?

The noise cancelling wireless headphones has an automatic audio signal detection feature. Except when using Active Noise Cancelling, the headphone will automatically power off to save battery life when an audio signal is not detected for 10 minutes.

What is the battery capacity of Enduro ANC?

Enduro ANC noise cancelling wireless headphones is equipped with a high-capacity polymer lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 800mAh.

What size power adapter should be used to charge for Enduro ANC?

A 5V1A qualified adapter or a computer's USB port is recommended for charging.

What charging port type using on Enduro ANC?

Enduro ANC wireless noise cancelling headphones has a USB Type-C charging port.

Is a power adaptor included?

A charging adaptor is not included and will have to be purchased separately. A 5V1A qualified adapter is recommended.

What is the weight of Enduro ANC?

Enduro ANC noise cancelling wireless headphones is lightweight at only 290g/0.64 lbs.

What is the speaker size of Enduro ANC?

Enduro ANC bluetooth noise cancelling headphones use 40mm patented Ironless Drivers™.

What color does Enduro ANC have?

Enduro ANC bluetooth noise cancelling headphones comes in two colors, Navy and Warm Grey.

What is the Bluetooth version of Enduro ANC?

Enduro ANC noise cancelling wireless headphones uses Bluetooth version 5.0

What Bluetooth chipset is using on Enduro ANC?

Enduro ANC wireless noise cancelling headphones use the Qualcomm 5124 chipset providing powerful Bluetooth, noise cancellation, and call performance.

What operating temperature is suitable for Enduro ANC?

Enduro ANC noise cancelling wireless headphones has a suitable operating temperature of 5-35°C/41-95°F. Any temperature outside of this range may affect product performance.

Does Enduro ANC can be paired with Android phone or Apple iPhone?

Yes. The Enduro ANC noise cancelling headphones is Bluetooth 5.0 compliant and backward compatible. It can be connected to all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones (Android/iOS), tablets, PCs, and other compatible bluetooth enabled electronic devices.

Does Enduro ANC support aptX?

Yes, Enduro ANC bluetooth noise cancelling headphones supports aptX Adaptive, its backward compatible aptX and aptX HD.

Does Enduro ANC support LDAC?


Does Enduro ANC support HD audio?

When connected via the included audio cable, Enduro ANC bluetooth noise cancelling headphones are Hi-Res Audio certified.

Does Enduro ANC support AAC?


Does Enduro ANC support Active Noise Cancellation?

The ENDURO ANC is an over ear active hybrid noise cancelling headphones with microphones inside and outside each earcup. These microphones take measurements and process information to react instantly and cancel ambient noise.

How is control Enduro ANC?

There are four physical buttons on the Enduro ANC left earcup- a Voice Assistant/Active Noise Cancelling button, a Power/Multi-function button, and two buttons for volume control.

What is the recommended way to clean your Enduro ANC?

You can use a wet paper towel with a little bit of mild soap. Be cautious to avoid water spray into the earcups.

Product function

How to connect your Enduro ANC to a smart phone?

With the product turned off, press and hold the power button until the LED blinks white and red. At this point, the product is in pairing mode and you should find "Cleer Enduro ANC" on your smart device's bluetooth list.

Can the Enduro ANC connect to a computer?

Yes, we provide two ways to connect to a computer. If your computer supports Bluetooth audio, you can connect your headphone wirelessly to your computer. If you prefer to connect using a wire, a 3.5mm cable is provided as well.

Can the Enduro ANC reconnect automatically after disconnected?

Yes, when the heaphone is powered on, it will search for the last paired device for 10 minutes and automatically reconnect when in range.

Can Enduro ANC support two connected devices?

Yes, the ENDURO ANC noise cancelling headphones can connect to two devices. To pair a second device, please refer back to your user manual and how to enter pairing mode. And go to your device manually connected your Enduro ANC.

Is the bluetooth connection stable?

Enduro ANC bluetooth noise cancelling headphones uses Qualcomm's QCC5124 solution alongside our rigorously tested antenna design. The result is a faster and more stable bluetooth connection.

How do you clear bluetooth memory?

Starting with the product off, enter pairing mode by pressing and holding the power button and the LED will turn to blinks white and red, keep on the button until you see the LED blinks Red three time. At this time, the product will clear its bluetooth history and power off.

Can I make a call?

Yes, Enudro ANC noise cancelling wireless headphones has two dedicated microphones for voice calls.

How do you enter Ambient mode?

Press the Active Noise Cancelling button to cycle through Noise Cancelling Mode, Custom Ambient Mode, and Off. You can enter Ambient mode by using Cleer+ app.

Is the music automatically paused when there is a call?

Yes. When there is a call, the music will automatically pause. When you hang up, it will resume playing automatically.

Is there a voice assistant?

Enduro ANC noise cancelling wireless headphones support to trigger the connected device default voice assistant

Can I use Enduro ANC when video chatting or playing games?

Yes, Enduro ANC noise cancelling headphones have a dedicated microphone for calling and voice recording.

Does Enduro ANC have microphones?

Yes, Enduro ANC bluetooth noise cancelling headphones have multiple microphones for both hands-free calling and Active Noise Cancellation.

Is there an LED indicator?

Yes, there is one LED indicator light located near the buttons on the left earcup. Please refer to your manual for the meaning of each color and animation.

How can I check the battery capacity of my headphones?

Generally, most smart phones that support Bluetooth 5.0 or newer will show a battery graphic in the notification bar of their screen, indicating the remaining battery life of your Enduro ANC noise cancelling headphones. On Android devices, you may also be able to find an exact battery life percentage in your bluetooth settings.

Is there a low battery reminder?

Yes. When the headphone battery is less than 10%, there will be a “low battery” voice prompt.

Is the metal earcup ring removable?

No, the ENDURO ANC's earcup ring cannot be removed.

Where can I download Cleer+ App?

Cleer+ app is avaliable at Apple App Store and Google Playstore

How can I connect the headphone to the Cleer+ app

To use the Cleer+ app, first connect the Enduo ANC noise cancelling wireless headphones to your phones' Bluetooth. After connecting to Bluetooth, launch the Cleer+ app and pairing will automatically start.

Does the headphone support device renaming?

Yes, you can rename your Enduro ANC Noise cancelling headphones in either the Cleer Connect app or in your smart phone's bluetooth settings.

Does the headphone support a power off timer?

The power off timer can be adjusted through the Cleer Connect App.



Noise Cancelling Wireless Headphones