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Tag: "Noise cancelling headphones"

  • Noise cancelling wireless headphones: Rapid growth in the dynamism of tech industry

    Even with the growing popularity of headphones, none of the models at the time could cancel noise as we know it today. The technology took decades to develop and perfect before reaching everyday consumers. If one of our main problems today is to choose between noise cancelling headphones or active noise cancelling headphones, at that

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  • Best noise cancelling headphones under $200 for the Year 2023

    Active noise cancelling headphones are essential if you like peace on a long drive or need help concentrating in a busy office. ANC used to be reserved for high-end headphones, but more affordable models have appeared recently. Some may not have high-end features, but it is still possible to find a good product at a

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  • How Music Helps Your Mental Health When Times Get Tough?

    The past few months have been difficult for everyone. This is especially true with anybody who might have previously been struggling with issues relating to mental health. Isolation, loneliness, loss, and a whole number of other potential mental health triggers have been apparent in abundance recently leaving many people suffering not just in silence, but

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  • Introducing Enduro 100: A Hot New Release for Audiophiles

    Cleer Audio’s new Bluetooth over ear headphones have been engineered to keep up with your busy lifestyle, whatever it might be. A nagging problem that affects and annoys all wireless headphone users is battery life. The constant need to charge headphones on a daily basis, coupled with the threat of burning through this power after only a short amount of usage, can make it difficult for people to truly

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