ARC Open Ear True Wireless Earbuds

Arc is our new open ear true wireless earbuds. Featuring an earhook design and a flexible hinge for a comfortable secure fit, these open earbuds do not cover the ear canal, instead they channel audio directly into your ear. This unique design allows you to maintain spatial awareness and still enjoy your audio.


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Open-Ear Design with a Flexible Fit

Arc open ear headphones fit passively, without blocking out the sounds around you. Our unique, earhook with flexible hinge design ensures a no-pinch, comfortable fit around your ear.



Experience powerful sound without sacrificing spatial awareness. Arc open ear headphones do not obstruct your ear canal, instead they direct high-quality audio precisely into your ear. Meaning you can stay safe while keeping aware of your surroundings while listening to your music or podcast.


Powerful & Dynamic Audio

Experience dynamic and rich audio quality without sacrificing volume and bass thanks to Arc’s 16.2mm neodymium drivers that beam audio toward your ears.


Battery Life & Charging

Go further with Arc’s lasting 7hrs of battery life. Charge the Arc seamlessly with the charging-pad integrated carrying case.


Simple Touch Control

Quickly adjust volume, skip tracks, play and pause music, take and end calls with simple touch gestures. With a simple touch and hold, easily access your phones default voice assistant.



With the free Cleer+ App, you can personalize and adjust the EQ and music playback. Customize device controls, and receive firmware updates.

What’s in the box

  • ARC Open Ear True Wireless Earbuds

  • Carrying Case with Integrated Charger

  • Quick Start Guide, User Manual, Warranty Card

ARC Specs


  • Weight14.5g (per earbud), 96.5g (both earbuds and case)
  • Driver16.2mm Neodymium Dynamic Driver
  • Frequency Response20Hz-20kHz
  • Headphone TypeOpen-Ear True Wireless Earbuds
  • MicrophonescVc 2-mic Beamforming
  • InputsBluetooth


  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Audio FormatsMP3, SBC, aptX


  • Battery Life7hrs
  • Charge MethodUSB-A Integrated Carry Case
  • Quick Charge10min charge provides 1hr


  • -Open-Ear, Earhook Style Earbud with Flexible Hinge
  • -Open-Ear design for spatial awareness
  • -Touch Controls
  • -Sound Personalization via Cleer+ App

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Basic spec

What is the playback time of Arc?

ARC can provide you 7 hours playback time continuously with a fully charged battery

What is the charging time of Arc?

The ARC has a pogo pin charging port, and it takes only 2 hours to fully charge with the 5V1A output adapter.

What is the standby time Arc?

ARC has an audio signal detection function. Out of the box, the setting is at 15 minutes before shutting off. You can adjust the signal detection setting to a different time or shut it off in the Cleer + App.

What is the battery capacity of Arc?

ARC open ear wireless earbuds comes with a high-capacity polymer lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 300 mAh.

What size power adapter should be used to charge for Arc?

A 5V1A qualified adapter or a computer's USB interface is recommended for charging the ARC

What charging port type using on Arc?

ARC open earbuds has a pogo pin charging port.

Is a power adaptor included?

The power adaptor needs to be purchased separately. A 5V1A qualified adapter is recommended.

What is the weight of Arc?

Each ARC weighs 16 grams (.03 lb). With the case, the total weight is 107g (0.23 lb).

Is Arc waterproof?

The ARC open earbuds is rated for IPX3 water resistance.

What is the speaker size of Arc?

ARC uses two 16.2mm high quality neodymium dynamic drivers and two passive bass reflex ports.

What color does Arc have?

There are two colors for ARC: Midnight Blue and Light Grey

What is the Bluetooth version of Arc?

Bluetooth version 5.0

What Bluetooth chipset is using on Arc?

ARC uses the Qualcomm QCC5124 chipset.

What operating temperature is suitable for Arc?

ARC open ear true wireless earbuds has a suitable operating temperature of 5-35°C/41-95°F. Excessive or too low temperature may affect product performance.

Can the Arc be paired with Android phone or Apple iPhone?

Yes. ARC uses Bluetooth 5.0 and is backwards compatible with older versions. Arc can be connected to Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones (Android/iOS), tablets, PCs, TVs and other electronic devices.

Does Arc support aptX?


Does Arc support AAC?


Can Arc be used in the shower?

It is not recommended to wear ARC in the shower and in a bath.

Can you clean the metal mesh with a wet tissue or towel?

Yes, but be cautious to avoid water splashing into speaker.

Product function

How to connect your Arc to a smart phone?

With your ARC already powered on, a simple press of the power button will put your headphones into bluetooth pairing mode, which is indicated by a flashing red and white LED and the voice prompt "Looking for device." At this point, locate "Cleer ARC" on the bluetooth list of your smart device and select it to pair.

Can ARC connect to a computer?

As long as your computer supports Bluetooth audio, you can connect ARC to your computer.

How do you connect ARC to more than 1 device?

The process to pair more than 1 device is the same as pairing a single device- please see "How do you connect ARC to a smart phone?" ARC open ear true wireless earbuds will remember and automatically connect to the last two devices it has been paired to.

Can ARC connect to two devices?

It can connect to many different devices but will only operate with one device at a time.

How do you clear ARC's bluetooth memory?

To clear ARC's bluetooth pairing history, first enter pairing mode by a single press of the power button while the device is on. Once in pairing mode, press and hold the power button until the device turns off- this signifies that the bluetooth history has been reset.

Does Arc reconnect automatically after disconnecting?

Yes, when ARC is powered on, or if it re-enters Bluetooth range within 10 minutes, it will automatically reconnect.

Is the bluetooth connection stable?

The ARC is using Qualcomm's 5124 solution alongside a specially designed Bluetooth antenna. This results in Bluetooth connectivity that is more stable, faster, and more resistant to interference.

Can you make a call?

Yes, ARC has a custom-designed dual microphone solution to make your voice sound crystal clear.

Is the music automatically suspended when there is a call?

Yes, your music will automatically pause when your ARC detect an incoming call.

Is there voice assistant support?

Simply hold your finger on to the logo of one of the Arc and it will activate the native voice assistant in your mobile device.

Can we speak when playing games?

Yes, ARC has a custom-designed dual microphone solution to make your voice sound crystal clear.

Is there audio delay when playing games?

The ARC uses Qualcomm's advanced Apt-X Low Latency audio decoding technology and ultra-low-latency transmission to fully meet the demanding sound quality requirements for games and video. To utilize this technology, the source device must support apt-X Low Latency decoding.

Are there microphones?

The ARC has two microphones that work together to support hands-free calling and other communication.

Is there an LED indicator?

There is one indicator light near the power button to show the current status of the headphone.

Does ARC have tracking controls for music?

Yes, you can change songs forward or backward via the touch pad on the left earcup.

Does ARC feel uncomfortable when worn for a long time?

After a lot of testing and research, we are confident ARC can be worn comfortably for a long time. If you ever do feel uncomfortable, we recommend taking a break.

Where can I find the current battery status of my ARC headphones?

The battery life indicator is located on the Cleer + App when connected to your mobile device.

Is there a low battery reminder?

Yes. When the speaker battery is less than 10%, you will hear a “low battery” voice prompt.

Where can I download Cleer + App?

Cleer + app is avaliable at Apple AppStore and Google Playstore

Can I rename my ARC headphones in my bluetooth settings?

Yes, you can rename your ARC open earbuds in the Cleer + app or in your phone's Bluetooth settings.

Does the music pause when I remove my headphones?

No, the ARC earbuds does not have the ability to detect when the earbuds are removed and then replaced.

Does it support power off timer?

The power off timer can be set in the Cleer + App



Open Ear True Wireless Earbuds