ARC Open-Ear True Wireless Earbuds

Arc is our new open-ear true wireless earbud. Featuring an earhook design and a flexible hinge for a comfortable secure fit, these open-ear earbuds do not cover the ear canal, instead they channel audio directly into your ear. This unique design allows you to maintain spatial awareness and still enjoy your audio.


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Open-Ear Design with a Flexible Fit

Arc open-ear earbuds fit passively, without blocking out the sounds around you. Our unique, earhook with flexible hinge design ensures a no-pinch, comfortable fit around your ear.



Experience powerful sound without sacrificing spatial awareness. Arc open-ear earbuds do not obstruct your ear canal, instead they direct high-quality audio precisely into your ear. Meaning you can stay safe while keeping aware of your surroundings while listening to your music or podcast.


Powerful & Dynamic Audio

Experience dynamic and rich audio quality without sacrificing volume and bass thanks to Arc’s 16.2mm neodymium drivers that beam audio toward your ears.


Battery Life & Charging

Go further with Arc’s lasting 7hrs of battery life. Charge the Arc seamlessly with the charging-pad integrated carrying case.


Simple Touch Control

Quickly adjust volume, skip tracks, play and pause music, take and end calls with simple touch gestures. With a simple touch and hold, easily access your phones default voice assistant.



With the free Cleer+ App, you can personalize and adjust the EQ and music playback. Customize device controls, and receive firmware updates.

What’s in the box

  • ARC Open-Ear True Wireless Earbuds

  • Carrying Case with Integrated Charger

  • Quick Start Guide, User Manual, Warranty Card

ARC Specs


  • Weight14.5g (per earbud), 96.5g (both earbuds and case)
  • Driver16.2mm Neodymium Dynamic Driver
  • Frequency Response20Hz-20kHz
  • Headphone TypeOpen-Ear True Wireless Earbuds
  • MicrophonescVc 2-mic Beamforming
  • InputsBluetooth


  • Bluetooth Version 5.0
  • Audio FormatsMP3, SBC, aptX


  • Battery Life7hrs
  • Charge MethodUSB-A Integrated Carry Case
  • Quick Charge10min charge provides 1hr


  • -Open-Ear, Earhook Style Earbud with Flexible Hinge
  • -Open-Ear design for spatial awareness
  • -Touch Controls
  • -Sound Personalization via Cleer+ App

7 reviews for ARC

  1. 4
    (7 reviews)

    Derek C (verified owner)

    I have been looking for the longest for earbuds that don’t actually go into your ear like most do. Cleer Audio just came out with these, so I decided to take a chance on these. The short verdict: very good if you’re looking for this type of ear bud.

    They don’t go into your ear canal which is great.
    You can hear ambient sound (good and bad) without having to turn on some ambient sound setting that just hisses in your ear anyway.
    They are comfortable. They wrap around your ear but just rest on them without applying pressure. You could probably fall asleep with these things on.
    You can fast-forward, go to the next track, raise or lower the volume, and other functions by tapping the right or left earpiece using certain touch and hold combinations.
    Sound is good although being an open-ear design does limit the fidelity some compared to in-ear designs but that’s to be expected. They do sound better than I anticipated.
    Voice quality for phone calls was excellent. I didn’t test it in a noisy or windy environment yet though.
    Comes with a carrying/charging case and you can download an accompanying app to tweak the sound settings.

    The accompanying app is pretty basic with an equalizer and that’s about it. Didn’t really change the sound much so I kept it on normal.
    No widget options from the app for controls or even the battery percentage. I’d really like to have that on my home screen.
    Case has a 10 inch USB cable charging cable attached which is quite short. There is no battery in the case, so you will always have to plug these in to charge. I’d recommend keeping a 3 foot USB extension cable in your bag so it’s easier to charge it.
    No wireless charging support either.
    Volume seems decent, but I think it’d get overwhelmed in a very noisy environment.

    Overall, I’m happy with these. I bought them for my wife since she never like in-ear designs either. I’ll probably get another set for me to keep with my laptop and to use at work since they are not as noticeable or as bulky as over-ear headphones.

    • Jordan Turner (store manager)

      Derek, thank you for your detailed review of our new ARC Open Ear earbuds. We’ll take your Cons back to our Engineering team for improvements going forward. Thank you once again!

  2. 4
    (7 reviews)

    cindy byers (verified owner)

    Have only had for 5 days but have walked 3 miles with them and flew commercial 4 hours with them.
    I needed a non in your ear bud. Had some samsung pro buds that tore up my inner ears with pain irritation and infection. Always had trouble with buds staying in or being comfortable. No worries here. These open ear arc rest on the outside of the ear opening. Ears need to breath and drain! The over ear design keeps them comfortably in place! So the sound is very good IMHO. I am not an audiophile but thought audio was very good. Phone calls were great. While flying had to turn up high to hear my movie over the jet engines. Still nice overall that you can hear and be aware of surrounding sounds Still learning the touch pad. Partly me and also it’s a bit finicky or jumpy to the touch. Charging is my only disappointment. Was hoping the charging case could hold a charge and deliver to buds when the case is not plugged in. Kind of like other bud cases. The case is sleek looking and yes could use a longer cord. Hope this helps. I am enjoying them and looking forward to using them for quite some time. LOVE the fact they don’t irritate my ears and are comfortable. I don’t know how they compare to the bone conduction headphones. So far very happy with my purchase and my limited interaction with customer service regarding shipping was 5 star. I think her name was Linda and she was great…like deserves a raise great!

    • Jordan Turner (store manager)

      Thank you Cindy for the great review! We will definitely share your comment with Linda!

  3. 4
    (7 reviews)

    Lila Krehl (verified owner)

    Purchased for my son. He’s on the fence if he likes them or not. Going to give it a few days, otherwise I will return.

    Says sound is great. Cannot figure out how to adjust volume up and down from the earpiece itself.

    • Jordan Turner (store manager)

      Hi Lila, all the touch controls are listed in the included Quick Start Guide. In order to turn the volume up, you simply double tap and hold on the second tap (do not release finger after second tap) on the right earbuds. To turn the volume down you do the same action on the left earbud. Note that the volume will continuously raise or lower for however long you hold your finger on the second tap. I hope this is helpful!

  4. 2
    (7 reviews)

    Craig Waldron

    I don’t like them They don’t fit on my ears properly And when I’m on a train I can’t hear nothing as far as Play music They are too long or too high up in the air to hear anything They are not for me

    • Jordan Turner (store manager)

      Hi Craig,

      Sorry to hear you are having issues with the Arc. I recommend reaching out to our customer support if you are having issues with fit or if you want to return them.

  5. 4
    (7 reviews)

    Lynne Busby (verified owner)

    I have had these for a few months. They are very comfortable. I run with them and they have great sound and you can hear things going on around you. 2 negatives- the charging cord (Too short). Also, would rather have a charging cord that detaches. I am concerned when the wire wears out and doesn’t charge anymore, do I have to by a whole new charging container? Also, it would be great if the case could charge the earbuds as well.

    I would give it 5 stars if the charging cord issue was better.

  6. 5
    (7 reviews)

    Deb H (verified owner)

    I hate having earbuds jammed in my ear, so when I saw these I was very excited to try them. Fortunately they were everything I was hoping for, light and comfortable, good sound for my purposes (calls, podcasts including on walks, while biking, and around the office), completely functional wearing either earpiece individually. If they are reasonably durable, these will be my go-to recommendation for those who want comfortable earbuds with ambient sound.

    • Cleer Audio Lead (store manager)

      Fantastic Deb, thank you for the awesome review and rating! We’re so happy that you’re enjoying your Cleer Audio ARC’s.

  7. 4
    (7 reviews)

    Robert Smith (verified owner)

    How do I keep it from shuting off on me, I would like for it to stay on when they are in my ear. I am a bus driver and would like for them to stay on while I am driving my route

    • Cleer Audio Lead (store manager)

      Hi Robert, if your ARC’s are shutting off on you, you can adjust the Auto-Off function through the Cleer + App. Connect your ARC’s to the Cleer+ App and click on the Gear in the upper right hand corner of your screen. You will see a section that states Auto-Off, click on that and you can either adjust your time or completely shut off the Auto-Off feature. Hope this helps. Thanks

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Open-Ear True Wireless Earbuds