CRESCENT Smart Audio Speaker

Crescent Smart Audio Speaker is an example of how our design team “Owns the Moment”, stepping away from the monotonous styling of the modern speaker landscape and creating an all-in-one sound system that compliments the interior of any room in the home. Crescent will support wireless music streaming from a wide variety of popular services, including Hi-Res file formats.


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Immersive Listening

Our advanced beamforming technology allows for flexible placement and listening positions, giving you a realistic acoustic experience from a compact integrated speaker. Experience an expansive sound stage typically reserved for larger, more expensive audio products.


    Experience a well-defined, wide stereo soundstage that expands well beyond the physical speaker’s placement.

  • 3D

    Unlike previous all-in-one systems, Crescent can surround the listener in three-dimensional, high definition audio regardless of wall locations or reflected acoustics.


    For occasions with multiple listeners, we’ve created an ultra-wide sweet spot that engages listeners equally in every corner of the room.


Performance Audio

Crescent utilizes a linear array of eight custom 40mm full-range drivers and dual 84mm woofers. Unwanted sonic resonance is eliminated thanks to a glass reinforced substructure and geometrically vaulted design.


Google Assistant built-in

With Google Assistant built-in, you don’t need to lift a finger to control your media, get the latest news, or control your smart home.


Seamless Interface

Straightfoward physical buttons allow you to mute the microphone, and control media playback, volume, soundmodes, and source.


Cleer Craftsmanship

A handcrafted stainless steel speaker grille and machined aluminum interface demonstrate the exceptional attention to detail that gave Crescent life.


Award Winning Speaker

Crescent is an award-winning speaker. Recipient of Newsweek’s Best of CES 2020, House Beautiful’s Best of CES 2020, and AVS Forum’s Best of CES 2020.


Smart Connectivity

Crescent supports popular music streaming services such as Spotify Connect and streams Hi-Res audio from your iOS or Android devices with Apple AirPlay or Chromecast. Crescent connects to your analog or digital device with Optical, AUX-In and Bluetooth® connectivity.

What’s in the box

  • CRESCENT Smart Audio Speaker

  • User Manual

  • Power Adapter

  • Power Cable



  • Weight5.6Kg
  • Dimensions660mm x 184mm x 119mm
  • Drivers40mm Full range driver 8W x 8 + 84mm Woofer 25W x 2
  • InputsLine In AUX 3.5mm, Optical, Bluetooth, LAN
  • MicrophonesYes


  • Bluetooth Version4.2
  • Audio FormatsMP3, WMA, FLAC, Apple Lossless
  • Network ConnectionLAN (RJ 45 Ethernet), WiFi (2.4GHz & 5GHz
  • Multi-room StreamingAirplay 2, Google Chromecast
  • Streaming ServicesYouTube Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, and more


  • -Google Assistant built-in
  • -Immersive Sound Mode DSPs: Stereo Widening, 3D and Room Filling Audio
  • -Timeless design appropriate for on-display location
  • -Beamforming Technology



Basic spec

What is the rated speaker power of Crescent?


What size power adapter should be used to charge for Crescent?

A 18V 5A adapter is recommended to power Crescent Smart Audio Speaker.

Is a power adaptor included?


What is the weight of Crescent?

The speaker weighs 12.34 lb.

What's the size of the speaker drivers in Crescent?

There are 8 full-range 1.57" dynamic drivers and two 3.3'' woofer

What Colors is Crescent available in?

Crescent Smart Audio Speaker is currently available in Champagne color

What connection is supported in Crescent?

WiFi, Bluetooth, Apple AirPlay2, Google Chromecast, Aux-in, Optical-in, LAN

What type of WiFi does Crescent support?

2.4GhHz & 5GHz WiFi connection is supported

What is the Bluetooth version of Crescent?

Bluetooth version 4.2

Can you pair an Android phone or iPhone?

In addition to WiFi, Crescent supports Bluetooth 4.2 and can be connected to Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones (Android/iOS), tablets, PCs, TVs and other electronic devices.

Does Crescent support Airplay2?


Does Crescent support Aux input ?

YES, 3.5mm input is on the rear of the speaker.

Does Crescent support Opt input ?

YES, if connecting a television via optical connection, set the output of the TV audio to LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation). This uncompressed format is supported by the Crescent. If you hear any distortion from the connected device, please check the TV settings and owner manual. The Crescent DOES NOT support Dolby.

Does Crescent support Google Assistant?


How many far-field mics are in Crescent?

There are 2 far-field microphones to support voice recognition

What streaming music services are supported?

YouTube music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer, TuneIn, iHeartRadio and any service that can be streamed with AirPlay 2 or Chromecast. Music Services are supported through the Google Home App. Please make sure to download this app from the GooglePlay store or Apple App store. Connect the Crescent to the app for voice assistant and services to work.

Can Crescent be used in the shower?


How can you safely clean the speaker?

Use a dry, soft cloth to wipe dust off the surfaces. Never use liquid cleaners or aerosol cleaners.

Product function

How can you connect Crescent Smart Audio Speaker via Bluetooth?

"You can connect to Crescent with Bluetooth in the following ways: 1. With Google Assistant, by saying “Hey Google, Bluetooth pairing”. 2.Enter Bluetooth pairing mode by using the Google Home app. 3.Enter Bluetooth pairing mode by using the physical buttons, . Toggle the audio source button until the BT LED lights up, Press and hold the audio source button for 5 seconds to enter Bluetooth pairing mode. After entering Bluetooth pairing mode, the front LEDs will blink for 3 minutes, if there is a successful connection, the front LEDs will stop blinking."

Can Crescent connect to a computer?

As long as your computer supports Bluetooth audio, you can connect Crescent to your computer.

Will Bluetooth reconnect automatically after disconnected?

Yes, when the Crescent is Smart Audio Speaker powered on, and is within Bluetooth range it will automatically reconnect.

Can Crescent be connected to two devices simultaneously?

No, Crescent only can be paired and connected to one device.

Is the bluetooth connection stable?

The Crescent is using a specially designed Bluetooth antenna. This results in connectivity that is more stable, faster, and more resistant to interference.

Is the music automatically suspended when there is a call?

Yes, your music will automatically pause when a phone has an incoming call when paired to a phone via Bluetooth.

Is there voice assistant support?

Yes, Crescent Smart Audio Speaker has a built-in Google Assistant, please follow instructions in the Google Home app to set up Google voice services in Crescent.

How to activate AirPlay 2?

Crescent needs to be connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your iOS device. Please refer to the user manual for complete instructions.

Does Crescent have different audio modes?

Yes, Crescent offers three audio modes, refer to manual for description. Audio modes can be accessed by pressing the audio button on top of Crescent

Is there an LED indicator?

There is four indicator light at the front of Crescent to show the status. There is also indicator besides the button to show the status.

Does Crescent have tracking controls for music?

Yes, there are play/pause, volume up and volume down buttons on the top of Crescent Smart Audio Speaker. Also the music can be controled by voice by asking "Hey Google".

Where can I download Google home App?

Google home App is avaliable at Apple AppStore and Google Playstore.

Can I rename my Crescent speaker ?

Yes, you can rename your Crescent in the Google home app .

Can I mute the microphones for privacy?

Yes, press the microphone button on top of Crescent to mute the far-field mircrophones. This will disable Google from responding to your voice commands. Unmute the microphones to give a voice command.

Where should I place Crescent for optimal audio performacne?

Place your CRESCENT on any flat and stable surface near a wall outlet. Crescent works great for 3D mode and stereo widening mode if the listening range is 1.5 - 2.5 meters(5 - 8 feet) away from your CRESCENT. Position the Crescent 1-2 ft from a wall to increase bass and 3D mode performance.

If Crescent Smart Audio Speaker is unresponsive, how can I fix this?

"Reboot your Crescent. Press and hold the reset button at the rear of your Crescent for 5 seconds to restore factory settings."

How to use AUX or Opt input ?

Press the audio source button until the AUX or OPT LED lights up. Use an AUX audio cable or Optical audio cable to connect crescent to the playback device.

What device can connect with Crescent for music playback?

Cresecent can connect with most of Bluetooth output devices, Audio line-out (using 3.5mm cable) playback device and optical-out playback device. If connecting to a television via optical, make sure to chage the TV audio output to LPCM (Linear Pulse Code Modulation) to guarntee playback performance. When connecting playback devices to the Cresecent, please lower the volume of the Crescent before playback - especially when that device connected has it's own output amplification (3.5mm or optical connections). Once playback begins, you can adjust the volume to your preferred listening level. This will prevent damage to the Crescent.

How to power on Crescent?

Connect the power cable to Crescent Smart Audio Speaker and the power adapter, then connect into a power source.

How to power off Crescent?

Disconnect the power source.



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