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Introducing ROAM Sport: Perfect noise cancelling sport earbuds for your workout

By Cleer Audio In life, certain things just go together. It makes sense and you can’t imagine it any other way. One of these “perfect pairs” has to be killer workouts with high-quality sound. Now, depending on your workout preferences, it could be hands-free sound from a Bluetooth speaker, or for a more personal experience, noise cancelling sport earbuds.

When the time comes to get into the zone and push boundaries, the right soundtrack can do wonders, and when the distractions of the world are blocked out, endless possibilities exist. That’s why when it comes to power even the most grueling workouts, a good pair of sport earbuds – like the much-anticipated Cleer ROAM Sport noise cancelling true wireless sport earbuds – can make all the difference.

Is It Worth Getting Noise Cancelling Earbuds for Workout?

Noise cancelling headphones are a useful tool for anyone who spends time in loud or noisy environments. Whether you're trying to work comfortably during peak hours at the gym, want to watch a movie on a plane, or trying to concentrate in a noisy office, a pair of headphones with ANC can greatly improve your experience.

Even if you don't expect to spend a lot of time in noisy environments, you may get more opportunities to use them than you think! Most ANC headphones also include sensitivity or mute mode, which mutes some sounds while allowing others to be heard for safety reasons. There are plenty of reasons to try noise cancelling headphones, and plenty of budget options if you're not ready to commit to an expensive pair.

ROAM Sport Noise Cancelling Earbuds

Which Type of Earphones Is Best for Sports?

The best workout headphones are wireless, so your headphones don't get in the way while you work out. Your workout headphones should be comfortable enough that they won't fall off during your workout, but not so tight that they're uncomfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Sound quality is also important, but you'll also want to consider durability and resistance to sweat or water. And if you're going for a way that can cancel noise, you'll want some kind of headphones that let some sound out so you can still hear the world around you while you're working out.

Can Noise Cancelling Wireless Sport Earbuds Hurt My Ears?

High-frequency noise cancelling headphones should not harm your ears. However, as always, if you are concerned about your hearing, keep the audio volume reasonable. Keeping the volume low is especially important when using headphones.

It may take a few tries to find a pair of noise cancelling headphonesthat give you comfort, as everyone has slightly different ear shapes and ear canals. It's worth noting that what may be good for one person may not work well for someone else. Be willing to experiment.

What Makes Cleer ROAM Sport Ideal for Sports?

When it comes to compact yet comfortable sound on the go, these earbuds truly deliver thanks to the multi-sized Freebit™ wings.

With Cleer dynamic drivers to deliver sound being paired with powerful noise cancelling technology to block out the world, it’s the workout partner you never knew you needed. And if you do want to hear the world around you, Ambient Mode is right there to make it happen. They also have an IPX4 sweat and water-resistant rating while offering up to 20 hours of on-the-go playback.

And if that doesn’t tickle your fancy, the fact that you can personalize your sound experience with the Cleer+ App might just win you over. From noise cancelling technology to balancing out your playback settings – you can tailor it all to meet your preferences.

It's Time to Discover the Best Noise Cancelling Sport Earbuds

Boom! Now you have everything you need to know about good wireless sport earbuds before you decide to buy a pair. Wireless headphones are more convenient, have innovative designs, and in many cases offer better sound quality than over-the-ear headphones.

Are you ready to throw away your old headphones and go wireless? If so, why not give the all-new Cleer ROAM Sport earbuds a try?

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