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How Qualcomm’s Adaptive ANC Technology Improves Your Wireless Earbuds’ Performance

By Cleer Audio Noise-cancelling headphones and earbuds have become increasingly popular as of late. With more and more people needing to escape from the noise of daily living, this impressive technology certainly delivers. But what goes into making these devices truly soundproof? Let’s discover.

What is ANC technology?

Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) technology makes use of a noise-cancelling system that gets rid of any unwanted background noise. The system works using two microphones. These microphones “listen” to the sounds both inside and outside of the headphones or earbuds. The ANC chipset inverts the soundwaves while a speaker inside the device cancels the sound outside by neutralizing soundwaves. This technology can be used through the ANC chipset in one of the following ways:
  • A mic on the outside of the device to create a feed-forward ANC system
  • A mic on the inside of the device that creates a feedback ANC system
  • A combination of both

How Qualcomm ANC improve wireless earbuds?

The Qualcomm noise-cancelling for wireless earbuds is brought to life with Qualcomm® Adaptive ANC. This technology dynamically adapts the performance of the earbuds to improve comfort and produce the ultimate user experience. ANC tech for true wireless earbuds, especially that offered by Qualcomm, adjusts the sound level based on the leak through sound from the environment and the way in which the earbuds or headphones fit the ears. This innovative technology also allows users to easily switch between the various listening modes. This includes adapting to phone calls, using the voice assistant and, of course, listening to music without disruptions from the outside world.

Which earbuds use Qualcomm?

All things considered; this technology is only as good as the earbuds housing it. To truly harness the power of Qualcomm® Adaptive ANC, we recommend investing in a pair of industry-leading earbuds. One of the most prominent brands making use of this innovative system is Cleer Audio. Let’s take a look at two of their best earbuds that also happen to feature Qualcomm® Adaptive ANC.


For earbuds that offer impressive performance and block out background noise, ALLY PLUS is the way to go. It uses a hybrid approach to noise-cancelling and can suppress 30dB of environmental noise. It also features ambient awareness, giving users the freedom to decide when to let the outside world in.


These industry-leading earbuds deliver noise cancellation at 34dB. It also offers enhanced call quality with dual-microphones and Qualcomm cVc 8th generation noise reduction. It’s the perfect combination of noise-cancelling technology and impressive sound.

ANC technology revolutionizing the world of sound

What has to be one of the greatest features of any noise cancelling earbud or headphones is the ability for them to still provide a superior quality listening experience. Industry-leading brands such as Cleer Audio have mastered the art of cancelling out the background noise without compromising the sound being played with the device. Gone are the days where you had to listen to music at ridiculously high volumes to block out the world around you. With Qualcomm's Adaptive ANC Technology, you don’t need to blast your music at dangerously high volumes. Instead, you simply activate the setting you would prefer and let the technology take control. How convenient is that?

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