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Create exceptional peace and quiet with powerful, digital noise cancelling performance. Using a feedforward and feedback noise cancellation process, these earbuds suppress up to 30dB of environmental noise. With the Ally Plus, you can let the environmental noise in as well with ambient awareness. The Ally Plus supports up to 30-hours of playback: 10 hours with the earbuds and an additional 20 with the charging case. Pairing its custom 10mm neodymium drivers with digital amplification, there’s no excuse why you can’t enjoy your favorite playlist throughout your active day.



Noise Cancellation
& Ambient Mode

With Active Noise Cancellation you can easily tune out distracting environmental noise and tune in to your music, calls, or podcasts. Ambient mode allows the Ally Plus to let in outside noise so that you can have conversations or be more aware of your surroundings without taking out your earbuds.

IPX4 Sweatproof

The Ally Plus True Wireless Earbuds are built to survive any workout, or the occasional rainy day with IPX4 rated water & sweat resistance.

Lasting Battery

Up to 30hrs of on the go playback with the included charging case.
*10hr battery life on full charge, 20hrs of additonal with charging case.


Bluetooth 5.0 and AptX™ Technology paired with our dynamically tuned 10mm Neodymium driver provides you with premium audio quality. Enjoy your music and calls with deep bass, balanced mids, and detailed highs.

Easy Controls

Touch pad gestures allow you to control music, calls, volume, and sound modes. Auto Play/Pause means your media will automatically pause when you take your earbuds out, and resume when you place them back in.



  • 10mm Neodymium drivers
  • Swipe control for volume
  • Industry leading 10 hours battery life*
  • Included slim carrying case provides additional 20 hours of playback
  • Adaptable Digital Noise Cancellation
  • Latest beamforming technology for enhanced call quality
  • Seamless design with ergonomic fitting earbuds design
  • IPX4 water resistance
  • * 10 hours of battery life with noise cancelling off at 75% volume


  • Silicon Eartips
    (XS, S, M, L, XL)
  • USB Cable
  • Carrying Pouch
  • Charging Case
  • Quick Start Guide

10 reviews for ALLY PLUS

  1. SF

    These headphones are perfect for the casual walker, athlete or business traveler. The simplicity and features makes them feel like a luxury ear bud, which they are. They are extremely fairly priced and over deliver.

  2. Bart

    Wow! I didn’t think an earbud could cancel out noise as well as these can. Sound quality rocks too!

  3. Emmet

    There are only two things that keep these from being the perfect earphones. 1. No Qi charging. 2. No app for EQ customization. Otherwise they are great!

  4. Quan Bui (verified owner)

    Best bang for your buck. I own a catalog of headphones and I tell everyone to get the Ally Plus for a daily driver.

  5. eddie_g36 (verified owner)

    Great Buy for Black Friday! Ran into this website through Instagram. Read about the technology and decided to take a chance. Turned out to be a really good purchase. The earbuds sound very good compared to other name known brands. I have the Samsung Galaxy Buds Live. I think these Ally Plus sound the same if not better. They definitely have better bass than the Buds. I tested them on my mobile device and later connected them to my PC. Both worked great. The PC took 2 tries to pair but probably because the first time I rushed the pairing. I watched movies on my PC and they sounded great. The NC is way better than the Galaxy Buds. I took these Ally Plus earbuds on the airplane, 5 hour flight, and the NC was impressive. I didn’t expect much from these earbuds but I believe they are comparable if not better than other earbuds at their price point especially the price I paid for on Black Friday. Very pleased with this purchase.

  6. David (verified owner)

    Initially bought these as a Christmas gift for my college age step kids who have every sort of electronics imaginable, including Airpod Pro’s. While they seemed somewhat skeptical, it wasn’t long till the Airpods were shelved. Their comments were: very high tech, comfortable fit, and great sound. Ended up buying 5 pairs all in. Aside from many other benefits, included are 5 interchangeable sets of tips to adjust the fit. My wife, who has very small ears was overjoyed as she has seldom been able to find ear pods that fit well. Any price under $175 is a bargain for these.

  7. Alan

    Got a set today. 3 hours in and no fatigue. My last set of ANC headphones were Bose QC2’s… and they had this feeling of pressure when ANC was on.. something these buds dont have.

    I love the ambient mode… filters out some of the background drone while still being able to hear my conversations clearly… I actually find it easier to hold a conversation with them in.

    Good frequency response and sound stage.. not perfect but good. Good range (I had them paired to my laptop.. then I went out to my car and back without any dropouts.

    Mic could be better. I would love the ability to change tracks from the headphones… All in all, I’m now a cleer fan (first set I’ve owned) and will be looking to cleer when my daily on ear phones die or get replaced (these buds will already be replacing them for video conferences for work)

  8. Jeffrey Copeland

    I have had many earbuds in the past and none of them have fit well. I’ve spent up to $400 and as low as $25 and I’ve had a total of 16 wireless earbuds over the last 3 or so years, and I can say I HAVE FOUND MY EARBUDS! Wow, the sound, the fit in my ear, and I have never had to once reposition either earbud to keep them in place. I put them in and they stay in. Wow for under $200? This is a steal, or every other company is ripping us off in this company knows how to make a good earbud for a reasonable price. I will never go with another company, as these Cleer Ally’s rock!

  9. Shawn Schmiechen

    I loved these earbuds! They sound great and they fit perfect without falling out. I was very impressed with them. Then, 1 year and 1 day into owning them, they won’t charge anymore. I can’t believe it. Worthless now. So bummed.

    • Jordan Turner (store manager)

      Hi Shawn! Sorry to hear about this. Someone from our team will reach out to you by email to help make things right. If you do not receive an email shortly, please reach out to us at

    • Cleer Audio Team (store manager)

      Hi Shawn, we reached out to you but I’m not sure if you replied. Please contact our Customer Service Team at Thanks

  10. Vinay Chimalgi

    Purchased it on Nov 2020 and one of the buds don’t work any more 🙁

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Playback Time

ALLY Plus can provide you 10+ hours playback time continuously with fully charge, 8+ hours playback time when it's in NC mode.

Charging Time

ALLY Plus case and earbuds can be fully charged in 3 hours with 5V1A output adaptor.

Battery Capacity

ALLY Plus each earbud is equipped with high-capacity polymer lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 85mAh. Charging case is 545mAh.

What size adapter is used to charge the case?

Recommend that you use a 5V1A qualified adapter or use the computer's USB interface to charge directly.

What is the type of charging port?

ALLY Plus has USB-C charging port.

Is an adapter included?

A wall charger is not included and will need to be purchased separately. We recommend a 5V1A qualified adapter.

What is the weight of the Ally Plus Earbuds and Case?

ALLY Plus earbud weight is about 6.5g/.014 lb, charging case weight is 67g/.147 lb.

Is the Ally Plus waterproof?

The Ally Plus is IPX4, water-resistant and sweatproof.

What size is the driver?

10mm high-quality neodymium dynamic driver.

What version Bluetooth is in Ally Plus?

Bluetooth 5.0

What Bluetooth chipset does Ally Plus use?

ALLY Plus uses Qualcomm QCC5124 chipset.

What is the operating temperature?

ALLY Plus has a suitable operating temperature of 5-35°/41-95°F. Excessive or too low temperature may affect product performance.

Is it compatible with an iPhone?

Yes. The ALLY Plus is Bluetooth 5.0 compliant and backward compatible. Can be connected to all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones (Android/iOS), tablet, PC, TV and other electronic devices

Does Ally Plus support AptX?


Does it support aptX HD?


Does it support HD Audio?


Does it support AAC?


Does it support Active Noise Cancellation?

The ALLY Plus are active hybrid noise canceling earbuds with a microphone inside and outside the ear cup. They take measurements and react instantly to cancel the noise, and the ANC performance is excellent.

Is there controls on the earbuds?

Yes, swipe up or down to control volume, tap for noise cancellation, ambient mode and play/pause.

What kind of controls?

There are touch pads on each ALLY Plus earbud.

How can you connect to a smartphone?

Take out any earbud and touch the touchpad 3 times quickly, and third on the third time hold it for 2 seconds or more until the earbud indicator LED flashes red and white alternately. At this time, the earbuds enter the Bluetooth pairing mode. Select Cleer ALLY Plus in the Bluetooth list to automatically complete the Bluetooth pairing. In the pop-up window select “Pairing” and the second earbuds will automatically complete the pairing. Now you can start using the earbuds.

Can Ally Plus be connected to a computer?

Yes, when headphone is powered on, if it returns to the Bluetooth range within 10 minutes and will automatically reconnect.

If the Bluetooth is disconnected, can it be reconnected to automatically?

Yes, when headphone is powered on, if within the Bluetooth range it will automatically reconnect.

If I've already connected the Ally Plus to a phone, how can you pair with another device?

Manually enter Bluetooth pairing mode and connect another device.

Can it support two connected devices at the same time?


How can you clear the Bluetooth memory?

To clear the pairing record, take the following steps:
1. Take the earbuds out of the charging case;
2. Put both earbuds into the Bluetooth pairing state; 3. Press and hold the touchpanel until the red light flashes 3 times;
4. Put the earbuds back into the charging case and leave it for about 10 seconds;
5. The pairing record is cleared.

How to control headphone with the touch panel?

The ALLY Plus earbuds can be swiped up and down to adjust the volume. Double touch to play/pause songs or answer/hang up calls. Long press to change NC/Ambient/OFF mode

Can you use the Ally Plus for phone calls?

Yes, each earbud of the ALLY Plus headphones are equipped with separate microphones, which can be used to support calls.

Is the music automatically paused when answering a call?

Yes. When there is a call, the music will automatically pause. When you hang up, it will resume playing automatically.

Is there a voice assistant?

ALLY Plus does not support voice assistant service, if you press and hold the touchpad for longer than 2 seconds, the Ally Plus will activate your smartphone's voice assistant.

Is there an LED indicator?

ALLY Plus earbuds have an indicator on each side. In different states, there will be different indication. The ALLY charging box also has an indicator light for the battery status.

Will the remaining battery be displayed?

Yes, it will be displayed. in general, there will be a battery graphic in the notification bar of the mobile phone, and the remaining power will be displayed in a graphic form.

Is there a low battery reminder?

Yes. When the battery is less than 10%, there will be a “low battery” voice prompt.



Noise Cancelling True Wireless Earbuds