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How Echo cancellation technology helps to reduce acoustic echoes and provide better conversation

By Cleer Audio We've all been there, in a conference call or video meeting when another voice echoes through. Sometimes it is distracting and annoying, but other times the echoes can be so bad that it is impossible to understand who is speaking. How many times have you hung up on a call to say, "Sorry, there's a little echo on your end!"

Even with the latest technology powering speakers, conference devices, and laptops to sound better than ever, they can still experience echoes during audio and video calls.

This is where echo cancellation technology steps in to save the day - and maybe even your job!

How Does Echo Cancellation Work?

To prevent the dreaded echo from happening, you will need a system that prevents the transmission of distant messages to other parties in the call. It must prevent reverberation and unwanted added sound from the signal passing through the mic.

Acoustic echo cancellation works by creating a filter that can do just that. It is based on an adaptive algorithm, which adjusts the filter to mimic the acoustic path. Filters are removed from the audio path signal to create a "clean" signal output. All echoes in the call environment are disabled and you can enjoy crystal clear phone calls.

For example, let's say you have a call with someone and you're on the microphone. The filter will block echoes and echoes in your space, so the person you're calling will only hear your voice.

The filter can also detect all sounds that are not related to each other acoustically. For example, if music is playing in a nearby space, a distant signal can pick it up. A dynamic filter will cancel out the sound. This allows for clear conversations, even if there is music playing in the background.

For example, if you make a hands-free call in your car while music is playing, you cannot pause the music while talking. The music AND the other speaker's voice will be removed from the signal picked up by the microphone. Cleer ARC open ear headphones feature this technology to ensure a next-level sound experience.

Learn more about Cleer ARC here: A Great Alternative for Athletes: Open-Ear True Wireless Earbuds

How Do I Stop the Echo?

Whether it's a customer support call or a conference call with colleagues, managing volume and background noise can be a challenge. Here are some basic steps you can take to prevent echo during calls and video calls.

Wear headphones

One of the fastest and easiest ways to eliminate echo is to just use headphones. Since there is no sound coming out of the speakers (because the speakers are in your ears), the microphone will not pick it up which avoids echoes. This can be applied to individual video calls as well as group conference calls. Innovative earbuds much like Cleer ARC offer this functionality to ensure that every call is crystal clear – no hassle or fuss.

Adjust your volume level

When your voice is too loud, your microphone can pick up the voices of other participants in the call, causing echoes that you may not be aware of. Lowering the volume and fine-tuning your microphone's volume settings ensure that your microphone only picks up your own words.

Support half-duplex communication

Another way to quickly eliminate echo is to use half-duplex communication, where sound from only one speaker is transmitted at a time. This means that all participants in the call are silent when they are not speaking. The problem with this approach is that the call cannot feel like a natural, uninterrupted conversation.

The Beauty of Echo Cancellation Technology in Audio Performance

In a chaotic world where noise thrives, finding a way to filter out the noise and hear what’s important becomes rather challenging. Whether you are travelling, in the office or simple in a busy space, trying to have a productive conversation can become tricky unless you have the right technology on your side.

By investing in a pair of earbuds or headphones with echo cancelling technology, you can rest assured knowing that wherever you may be, you can have a decent phone call or video call without needing to move around in search of a quiet space. You can pick up the phone and speak to your heart’s content, how cool is that?!

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