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Why is Cleer Next Audiophile Headphone a work of art?

By Cleer Audio When it comes to a luxurious sound experience like no other, there are few devices on the market that can truly deliver. The Cleer Audio Next Audiophile Headphones are one of the few that make the list, and when we unpack it in detail, you’ll understand why.

A headphone like no other, expertly crafted

Let’s start by looking at how the Next High-End Audiophile Headphones have been built. The alloy, open back structure of the headphones provides luxurious based for the headphones. Soft memory foam cups wrapped in sheepskin offer a comfortable fit li9ke never before. Housed within this is Cleer Audio’s patented ironless driver technology that emotes high resolution, bold sound.

Sound to evoke emotion

The Cleer Next headphones are often described as High-End Audiophile Headphone for Discerning Listeners. The design was driven by the idea of a personalized listening experience. The bespoke look and feel are not only easy on the eyes but has also been built to last a lifetime. It’s been built for purpose, designed to last, and delivers impeccable sound in the process. 20 strategically layered rare earth magnets add to the impressiveness of the design and is the basis of the ironless driver technology. This means that users are guaranteed to have a larger-than-life sound experience that doesn’t compromise on quality. This innovative technology is carefully secured in the 6061-T6 aluminium case that attaches to the sheepskin earcups, reaffirming the power and durability of the device while facilitating booming sound. This also means that the sound is less distorted, keep the integrity and original concept of the artist alive.

A luxurious feel from start to finish

Often, the packaging of a product lets it down, but with the Cleer Next headphones, this is merely the first step in the premium design. The box itself looks the part and included with purchase is a faux leather carry case. The case has a comportment for the headphone’s and even features a soft fur-like material that lines the interior, keeping your headphones protected from scratches.   You then take a look at the headphones, the real reason you have the package in the first place. The metallic black and purple color and industrial design come together for a contemporary look. It’s a work of art from start to finish. As already mentioned, the earcups are made using memory foam and sheepskin, can you imagine a more comfortable fit? They’re soft and well-padded while still offering enough room for your ear to breathe, ideal for extended listening periods. Each cup has an audio plug feeding the sound to the headphones, delivering balanced sound with little electromagnetic interference. This keeps the sound true to the original. The cables then fed to a 3.5mm audio jack – although a 6.5mm jack is also included.

It’s about sitting down and enjoying the experience

These headphones were made to ensure that users have an enjoyable sound experience. They’re need for on the go listening, they’re designed to slow things down and go back to basics. The focus is on the technology and delivering industry leading sound, and when you use the headphones, you’ll understand the appeal. Simply put, the Cleer Next Audiophile Headphones are a work of art. They’re an experience. If you’re looking to rethink your listening style and sit back and enjoy the classics the way they were initially intended to be heard, we recommend investing in a pair of these innovative headphones.

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