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Are you living alone? Check out how voice assistant smart audio speakers fight loneliness

By Cleer Audio

We rely on smart home technology more than ever, and automated voice assistants are all the rage. Smart audio speakers are becoming a fixture in many homes and serve as a central hub for the smart devices that operate within the space.

The speaker's ability to connect to mobile devices and other smart devices in your home is what makes it so, well, smart. This means you can connect the speaker to your Wi-Fi network and control it with an app on your phone, as well as send and receive audio transmissions such as music or podcasts to it. You can also make and receive calls depending on the functionality of the speaker you choose to use.

What is a Smart Audio Speaker?

A smart speaker is a voice-enabled device with built-in virtual assistants that help you with your daily tasks. For example, the Cleer Crescent smart audio speaker uses an assistant called Google Assistant and when you ask a question like "What is the weather on Sunday?" it will answer.

The Google Assistant smart speaker also has many other features, including playing music, scheduling appointments, and controlling other smart home devices around the home. The latter helps you turn on the lights or control the thermostat using simple voice commands.

Not only can you listen to music and set alarms, but you can also make hands-free calls and control all Google-compatible devices, including appliances, light bulbs, and other smart speakers.

How Do Smart Speakers Reduce Loneliness?

Smart audio speakers help people who live alone feel less alone and give some people offer a sense of independence to those who may have difficulty getting basic tasks done.

These devices enable people to use their voice to perform everyday tasks such as ordering groceries, keeping track of deliveries, and getting news and weather updates, all hands-free.

The convenience of being able to access to use your voice to complete chores and control your home is something that cannot be ignored and certainly makes a big difference when it comes to managing the chaos of daily living.

In addition to this, you can also access apps on your smartphone. For example, using social media can help fight loneliness, especially in people who struggle to meet people face to face.

People can also use technology to meet groups of people who share their interests or find romance on dating apps. The convenience it brings allows the user to do many different activities in addition to listening to music and utilizing the best innovation.

Why You Should Consider a Smart Speaker

  • Speakers make it easy for us to listen to music and sound.

  • Connecting speakers to devices is easy.

  • Amplify sound while playing video games, watching movies, or listening to music.

  • Makes learning more interactive; for example, YouTube videos without sound are worthless.

  • Can help improve social media.

  • Text-to-audio translation software makes listening and learning easier for people with hearing disabilities.

  • Audio makes learning more fun.

  • No cables or wires are required to connect the wireless Bluetooth speaker.

  • Laptops, tablets, and smartphones all have built-in microphones that can be linked to the speaker.

  • Since they are highly portable, they can be moved from place to place.

The Truth About Smart Speakers

According to research, smart speakers like the Cleer Crescent Smart audio speaker with Google voice assistant are helping people living alone to feel less lonely. It is also giving some people with disabilities a sense of greater independence.

In an in-depth survey of 100 owners and 15 non-owners who tested the smart audio speaker, some described their devices as friends and liked being able to talk to them.

Some respondents with disabilities said that it has had a great impact on their lives, giving them more freedom and helping them to manage, and even improve their situation and their ability to perform daily tasks.

It's worth noting that smart speaker usage has almost doubled during the pandemic, from 22% of households in 2020 to 39% this year.

Researchers said that most people use their smart speakers to listen to music, radio, news, and weather updates.


Smart audio speakers with Google voice assistant are more than just a passing trend, they’re here to stay. From offering net-level sound to connecting you to your home and everything in between, it’s sure to become a lifestyle companion that many won’t be able to live without.

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