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Everything you need to know about the types of noise cancelling headphones technology

By Cleer Audio

There is nothing worse than hearing the constant noise of an airplane, the sound of a neighbor mowing the lawn next to you, or the sound of a child crying… the list goes on because there are many negative sounds in this noisy world.

At times like that, you just dream of getting away from the endless noise to a quiet place, where you can enjoy your favorite music and sounds. And while the teleportation machine may be an option in the future, there is a good substitute currently available - noise cancelling headphones.

If you need something universal for traveling, working in a noisy environment, or listening to your favorite music in peace, noise cancelling headphones are your choice.

But how to choose the right headphones? Which one is best for you and your needs?

Generally speaking, noise cancellation refers to any method, device, or technology that helps reduce noise or even eliminate it.

So, What Is Noise cancelling Technology?

In general, there are 3 types of noise-cancellation - adaptive, active, and passive. Often these words are confused with each other. While they all want to achieve the same goal, the way they go is different, and knowing how each of them works can help us decide which one will be best for our purposes.

Active Noise cancelling Headphones Technology

Imagine that you are in a factory, and everything is running, and you hear the noise of the machine vibrating for a long time. The noise is constant, continuous, and non-stop.

How does active noise cancellation help you get rid of that distracting alcohol addiction?

Here is the short and simple version:

Active noise cancelling technology detects noise from your environment and analyzes and breaks it down into readable components called sound waves. Then it produces the same sound, but backward, and sends it back into your headphones to cancel out ambient noise.

Adaptive Noise-Cancellation

This is a new term in noise cancellation. It's very similar to active noise cancellation, but it's not the same.

Like active noise cancelling headphones, adaptive noise cancellation uses negative noise to cancel positive noise in a noisy environment. But where they differ is that motion uses advanced algorithms to detect the noise around you and deliver noise cancellation close to match your surroundings.

The noise is also carefully analyzed and adjusted while considering the pressure of hair, glasses, the shape of your ears, and the movement of your head during the day.  In addition, ANC simultaneously analyzes what you hear when noise cancellation is applied to the original audio content to adjust and ensure that it is the right sound.

Passive Noise-Cancellation

Also known as noise cancellation, it's the easiest way to cancel noise.

How does it eliminate noise?

A physical barrier prevents noise from entering the device and interrupting your listening experience. It is easy to understand this concept. Think of the process of putting your fingers in your ears when you want to cancel out the noise around you.

Headphones and earphones try to achieve a similar effect, but they take it more seriously. Some, designed to work inside the ear, are made with foam to ensure a perfect seal in your ear canal.

Others are designed to work over the ear which is made into a sound mask that provides a good seal to your upper ear, blocking the noise.

So, What Is the Best Option?

There is no clear answer to this question, it depends on many factors, namely: the type of noise you are trying to eliminate; how much money you are willing to make; the size of the headphones you are comfortable with.

For a simple fix, passive noise cancellation is a great option. For something, a bit more powerful, active noise cancellation will do just fine. But, if you truly want to block out unwanted sounds, adaptive noise cancellation is the way to go.

Whether it's work or personal, the power of noise cancelling headphones can do wonders. So, if you've been eyeing your trusty old headphones that work well but aren't great and you're tired of listening to annoying background noise, it's time to upgrade!

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