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Tackling more cardio-focused workouts? Try Goal True Wireless Sport Earbuds

By Cleer Audio When considering the best true wireless sport earbuds, one of their advantages is the fact that you can use them anytime and anywhere. This means that when you are in the gym, they are with you, motivating you. They are also with you when you are walking in the street or even when you are working in the office. Of course, that means they should be able to follow you and everything you do in a day. Some will argue that this shows that battery life is the most important factor, and while that may be the deciding factor when it comes to purchasing, there are other factors to consider.

Factors To Consider When Choosing True Wireless Sports Earbuds

When shopping for a new pair of true wireless sport earbuds for adventure & workout, we tend to think only of the basics; battery life, weight, and water resistance, but we also need to consider the comfort, safety and stability of our new headphones to make sure we get the most out of them.

Battery life

Long battery life means you don't have to worry about the headphones losing charge while running, which can be useful for athletes or long-distance runners. They should last a long time, which means you won't have to worry about charging them all the time.


Make sure your true wireless sports earbuds are waterproof, so they last as long as possible and don't get damaged in the occasional rain. It also removes stress by planning your run in good weather and means that any sweat will not affect its performance.

Keep it light

To be efficient, try to travel as light as possible. Heavy headphones will put more pressure on your ears, which can cause discomfort and distract you from your running goals.


The comfort of your true wireless sport earbuds is very important. If you run with the wrong headphones, it can damage your hearing and make running less enjoyable, which will distract you and affect your work.


When you work out your body moves up and down a lot, so your headphones must fit properly to avoid falling or moving.

Environmental awareness

Imagine you are jogging in the park, and another runner approaches you or tries to pass you. It can be startling if they suddenly appear next to you, and you didn't hear them coming. A good pair of running headphones should allow you to always hear what's happening around you, such as traffic, for your own and others' safety.

Why Do You Need a Pair of GOAL True Wireless Sport Earbuds from Cleer Audio?

Good sound on the go is the reason Cleer GOAL was developed. They deliver the world-class sound you know from Cleer Audio, all packaged in low-profile earbuds that sit comfortably in your ears. The Goal true wireless sport earbuds for adventure & workout with Google Assistant aren't bulky or intrusive but fit perfectly into your lifestyle - and your ears.

Adding to the unique design of these headphones is that they are resistant to water and sweat, which means that if you run, or even get caught in the rain, the music will continue to play. Even when you're not working out, these headphones are a great lifestyle companion and offer a much-needed escape from reality at the push of a button.

Everything you need to know about GOAL:
  • The ear cups are designed to be comfortable and reliable with a curved C-shaped wing design
  • Crystal clear sound is delivered through 14mm drivers
  • They are certified IPX4 which means they are sweat and water resistant
  • The battery lasts about 20 hours - 6 hours on a single charge and an additional 14 hours in the charging case.
  • Smart controls are intuitive while easy-to-use touch gestures control the true wireless sports earbuds
  • Echo cancellation and two powerful speakers ensure that calls are a breeze
At a glance, it's easy to see why these headphones are a great workout buddy. They are designed to last as long as you do, survive the conditions you endure and make all your movements - your way.

Why Should You Listen to Music While You Workout

Upbeat music gives you the motivation to conquer high-intensity workouts, according to new research published in the journal Psychology of Sport & Exercise.

Researchers found that when participants listened to dancing, and inspiring music, their heart rate and maximum power output were higher than when they listened to a podcast or no sound at all. Additionally, participants reported higher levels of exercise enjoyment when listening to music, compared to when listening to a podcast or no sound.

The Bottom Line

GOAL true wireless sport earbuds allow you to do any exercise you like to do and get better. In addition, you can listen to what you like when you like, unlike the music that is usually played in the gym. Even if you're resting or taking a break between workouts, the excellent call quality and lightweight design of GOAL allow you to quickly switch from gym mode to office mode without removing the wireless earbuds.

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