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Everything you should know about sound signatures in headphones

By Cleer Audio

Each pair of headphones has a unique sound signature that supports multiple genres and activities from listening to music to mixing and mastering audio. The signature describes the volume modulation of different frequencies from low to high.

The sound signature in headphones can be divided into five categories: Flat, Balanced, Bright, V-Speed, Extra Bass, and Bright/Good.

But what is a sound signature?

A sound signature describes how high and low tones are emphasized (or de-emphasized). The Treble to Bass range includes Bright, Analytical, Neutral, Warm, and Dark.

Types of sound signatures


This signature is popular among music professionals and Hi-Fi fans. It is said to be an audio/accurate reproduction, which is essential for audio mixing and control. It is called "flat" because all frequencies are held at the same value, allowing you to hear the sound as it is recorded. Headphones with this sound signature often have a reference to their definition.


The emphasis is on the treble which makes the sound of the voice brighter and brighter. Popular among audiophiles, using headphones to spend a lot of time in this mode can lead to listener fatigue.


The letter V represents the type of sound signature diagram in this section. The bass and treble are raised slightly while the midrange is reduced. Popular among rock players, this signature creates a high-pitched guitar tone and a low-pitched tone. A clear one that emphasizes low frequencies. Hip-hop and electronic genres benefit from another punch. Boosting the bass makes the sound louder and warmer, but when it's loud it tends to stand out in other areas.


Jazz, soul, blues, and rock do well with this signature because it makes it high and makes sound warm. The emphasis is on the low and midrange, which is great for instruments like saxophones, basses, vocals, and drums.

What is a good signature sound?

In the V-shaped sound signature, the bass and treble are raised, while the midrange is reduced. The signature is the most beautiful and therefore provides the most enjoyable listening experience. Many manufacturers choose this signature in their headphones because it is the best bet.

What is the best sound signature for audiophiles?

Flat. This is because of their accurate sound reproduction, neutral headphones are often used in professional studios for mixing and arranging music. Suitable for: music professionals, sound engineers, Hi-Fi enthusiasts, and audiophiles.

How to create your sound signature?

Many Hi-Fi/Stereo systems, car radios, and Bluetooth speakers allow you to customize the sound signature of the device using your own discretion, preset options or full presets to create your sound.

The extent to which you can use EQ to change your sound signature will depend on the product. Some products allow adjustment over a full bandwidth, while others will offer fine-tuning, where you can adjust every 100Hz or more.

When using a portable Bluetooth speaker, you are usually limited in configuration control, however, if you are using a computer you can download some awesome configuration software that will allow you to dial in the sound signature of your headphones or speakers at a critical level. Just be careful that over-amplification of certain frequency zones can cause the speaker to distort if it cannot handle the frequency content, or even blow completely.

The bottom line

A sound signature in Bluetooth headphones is a unique piece of data that ensures that you're able to listen to your favorite sounds your way. You have the ability to increase the tempo, add bass or reduce the treble, all with the simple click of a button.

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