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Noise cancelling wireless headphones: Rapid growth in the dynamism of tech industry

By Cleer Audio

Even with the growing popularity of headphones, none of the models at the time could cancel noise as we know it today. The technology took decades to develop and perfect before reaching everyday consumers. If one of our main problems today is to choose between noise cancelling headphones or active noise cancelling headphones, at that time we have no other choice but to deal with the noise.

ANC has been introduced in the over-ear headphones, which are aimed at frequent travellers. Over the years, ANC has become more accessible and targeted for a wider audience, due to the increase in use cases and improvements in technology. Functions that previously required more space to fit in a headset (which is why headphones are preferred) can now be built into a true wireless headset.

The Growth of Noise Cancelling Headphones Technology

While ANC's 18% share of the headphone market this year is impressive, it's just a stepping stone to the launch pad. By 2024, our forecast shows that ANC will hold about 60% of the market. This comes into play due to a combination of consumer preferences and technological advancements.

How Noise Cancellation Works

A popular and destructive interference, a wave of equal size, shifted by half a wavelength, produces a compression wave with 0 amplitude, cancelling the sound. These two waves are said to "disappear" and cancel each other out because the positive pressure of one wave counteracts the negative pressure of the other, and vice versa.

Think of it as trying to add one and subtract one. You are left empty-handed. That's the basic physics behind noise cancellation, but how do you use it in your headphones?

To create noise cancellation, the headphones must detect and monitor ambient noise using a built-in microphone. They "listen" for the noise around you, and then the electronics on board transmit it there. In addition to your music, the headphones create a different sound of sound to cancel it out so that all you will hear is the music coming out of your headphones, not anything going on outside.

Of course, this is all a formality. Regular noise like the roar of a jet engine in an airplane is easier for headphones to recognize and cancel out than sudden, random sounds like people talking. Although the physics remains the same, some companies are better than others at noise cancellation. And now that you know how it works, you can choose the method that suits you best.

Own Your Sound with Cleer Enduro ANC

The original noise cancelling wireless headphones have 60 hours of battery life. With modern noise cancelling technology, Enduro ANC uses multiple external mics and works as input that cancels environmental sounds by 25dB, providing peace of mind in noisy environments.

The Bluetooth® wireless headphones are perfect for phone calls with 2 mics and Qualcomm's eighth-generation cVc noise cancellation, keeping your voice clear and consistent in crowded environments. Add new levels of customization using the free Cleer+ app that allows customization of noise cancellation, surround levels, and EQ levels.

General Specifications
Weight 280g
Driver 40mm Ironless
Frequency Response – Bluetooth 20Hz-20kHz
Frequency Response – Line-in 20Hz-40kHz
Headphone Type Over-Ear
Foldable Yes
Microphones cVc 2-mic 8th gen
Input Bluetooth, Passive Line-in USB-C to 3.5mm
Bluetooth Specifications
Bluetooth Version 5.0
Audio Formats MP3, SBC, AAC, aptX adaptive
Bluetooth Multipoint Yes, pairs seamlessly to multiple devices
Battery Specifications
Battery life 60hrs
Charge Method USB-C
Quick Charge 10min charge provides 2hrs of playback
Additional Specifications
Active Noise Cancellation
Ambient Sound Control
Conversation Mode
Sound Personalisation via Cleer+ App

Are You Ready For Reimagined Sound?

In case you missed it, noise cancelling headphones technology is taking over the world of portable sound. Whether You’re travelling or looking to escape into your own bubble, this technology is such a game changer. It’s time to rethink your sound experience.

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