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How open ear headphones are ideal for your daily workout

By Cleer Audio

Open ear headphones are the perfect sports headphones for anyone who wants to listen to music while exercising. Read on to find out how open ear headphones can help you if you enjoy rousing music while you work but want to stay safe and stay situationally aware.

How do open ear headphones work?

ARC II Sport Open ear True Wireless Headphones work by transmitting sound through your ears instead of through the air. Sound waves are sent directly to your middle ear, bypassing your eardrum, and allowing you to hear music without anything in your ear or above.

The sound quality is amazing! Your music is still private, no one else will hear it, but your ears are open to those around you.

Why are ARC II Sport Open ear True Wireless Headphones ideal for your daily workout?

When you put on a pair of headphones, you place the ear hooks over your ears as the transducers are placed in front of your ears. Sports headphones, like ARC II Sport, are designed to stay in place no matter how high you jump or run.

An open ear shape, with nothing in or blocking your ear canal, is also good for hygiene. Bacteria love warm and humid environments, so sports headphones or wireless headphones, even those designed for sports, can cause painful ear infections if bacteria are growing in the ear.

The benefits of sports headphones

Open ear headphones are a must if you want to run outside while being aware of your surroundings. In a busy park, you may want to hear people yelling or other runners coming up behind you, along a busy street.

What you need to know about ARC II Sport Open ear True Wireless Headphones

Featuring a behind-the-ear design with adjustable rings for comfort and safety, these open ear headphones don't cover the ear canal but sound directly in your ears.

Features include:

  • The open ear ARC II Sport headphones fit perfectly, without blocking the sound around you.

  • Keep checking in

  • Get powerful sound without losing spatial awareness. Open-back headphones don't block your ear canal, but instead, direct high-pitched sound into your ears.

  • Enjoy rich audio quality without sacrificing bass thanks to the neodymium 16.2mm Arc II Sport drivers.

  • Battery life and charging

  • Power on with ARC's II Sport seven-hour battery life.

  • Change volume quickly, skip music, play, and pause music, and end calls with simple touch gestures.

  • With the free Cleer+ app, you can organize and customize the layout and playback of music.

The bottom line

Whether you're riding on a busy road, running a race, or hanging out with a friend, unlocking the world around you with a smartphone helps you stay safe. and allows you to listen to your favorite music in beautiful sound.

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