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How Google Fast Pair 2.0 helps in connectivity?

By Cleer Audio Google Fast Pair 2.0 is a new method that uses Bluetooth Low Energy and your Android phone's location to automatically detect nearby Bluetooth accessories and then connect with a simple tap. It even shows a picture of the product you're connected to — like AirPods.

But how does Google Fast Pair 2.0 work?

When you place a Fast Pair-enabled accessory in pairing mode near your Android smartphone, the phone will display the product image and accessory name in a large pop-up window. Then, once you hit the connection, you'll see a confirmation that the pairing was successful. Android even goes as far as to download the accessory’s companion app from the Play Store - with your consent of course.

This is all done with minimal effort and no need to figure out your device's Bluetooth settings. In addition to this, Fast Pair will now register any connected accessories to your Google account which then links it to all your current and future Android phones (6.0+).

So basically, your Google Account will remember the. headphones you’ve used in the past and automatically transfer the connection to another phone. It also helps Bluetooth headphones make calls, listen to music while exercising, and use our phones anywhere without the hassle of cables.

And while pairing Bluetooth accessories is a fairly common activity, it can be a frustrating process for many people.

Here are some new features to make your quick pairing job easier when using connectivity with Google Fast Pair.

Find your lost accessories easily

It can be frustrating when you turn on your Bluetooth headphones and quickly forget where you put them. If they are connected to your phone, you can find the headphones by calling them. If you have true wireless headphones (headphones that aren't attached to cables or wires), you can choose whether you want only the left or right button to ring. And if you don't put the headphones away, you can check their last known location in the coming months in the Find My Device app if you turn on Location History.

Receive alerts when your earbuds or headphones are flat

Upon opening the case of your true wireless earbuds, you’ll receive a phone notification about the battery level of each component. You’ll also receive a notification when your earbuds and the case battery are running low, so you know when to charge them.

Manage and personalize your accessory easily

To add a level of personalization to the experience, the name of your headphones will include your first name after it successfully pairs with Bluetooth.

For example, Pixel Buds will be renamed “Greg’s Pixel Buds.” On phones that are running Android 10, you can even adjust headphone settings, like linking it to Google Assistant and or using Find My Device, all from within the device details page. This all depends on the headphones that you are using of course.

Bluetooth Headphones Featuring Connectivity with Google Fast Pair

There are currently more than three million quick pairings between Bluetooth accessories such as speakers and headphones and Android phones. All supported Android devices using Play services 11.7+ and feature compatibility back to Android 6.0 can use Fast Pair. This includes all your current and future Android phones (6.0+) associated with your Google Account.

For the advanced personalization feature and 'Find My Device' integration you need an Android device with Android 10 or later. Currently, the following accessories support Fast Pair (plus many more):

  • Cleer Enduro 100
  • Beats Studio Buds
  • Google Pixel Buds
  • Libratone's Q Adapt On-Ear headphones
  • Bose QuietComfort 35 II headphones
  • OnePlus Buds
  • Fitbit fitness trackers

Stay connected wherever you may be

With Google Fast Pair 2.0, you can stay connected to your favorite playlists and podcasts and playlists wherever you may be. Isn’t it time you upgraded your sound experience?

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