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Full guide on Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation: How Cleer ALPHA is worth it

By Cleer Audio We’re always looking for new and exciting ways to change the world of sound as we know it. This endless ambition drives everything we do and is evident in every product that we develop and release. Of course, this was the reason why we developed our award-winning Cleer ALPHA adaptive active noise cancelling headphones.

So, what makes Cleer ALPHA adaptive noise-cancelling headphones different?

Well, everything!

The first thing you need to know is that we partnered with a Swedish sound company to bring these headphones to life, Dirac. These are the first noise-cancelling headphones in our range to feature Dirac Virtuo spatial audio, creating a fully immersive sound experience.

Regardless of the sound source, you can rest assured knowing that the quality will be of the highest standard, transporting you to a world where you’re in the middle of all of the action. Adding to the impressive nature of this device’s sound is our patented 40mm ironless drivers that offer bold, distortion free sound.

With the sound aspect sorted out, we move onto the other side of the equation, the ability to pick up sounds which falls into two different categories.

Adaptive active noise-cancelling at your fingertips

The first way the headphones need to be able to pick up sounds is when it comes to utilizing the noise-cancelling functionality. The ALPHA headphones need to be able to pick up the environmental sounds, this is the core of what they do. When they pick up the sound, they are able to flip it 180 degrees to cancel it out. But wait, there’s more!

The Cleer ALPHA headphones are adaptive, which means that if the noise around you increases, the headphones will pick up the increased volume and adapt its approach accordingly. You don’t even need to lift a finger. Here’s how adaptive noise cancelling technology works:
  • It builds on existing noise cancelling technology – the noise cancelling materials used in passive noise cancelling devices and the technology used in active noise cancelling devices
  • This means that the build includes materials that block out sound in addition to state-of-the-art technology
  • The device is able to pick up the sound waves and flip them, cancelling them out
  • It also picks up increasing noise volumes and adapts to ensure that you’re not disrupted
  • Ambient mode often accompanies this as it allows noises to enter while pausing your playlist in the process – if you want to hear what is happening around you

Don’t forget about making those important calls

When it comes to making phone calls using the Cleer ALPHA headphones, Qualcomm's cVc two-mic setup ensures that the headphones can pick up and share your voice with the person on the other end – without getting lost in the chaos around you.

Additional tech features include:

  • Powerful 35-hour battery life, or 4.5 hours on a 10-minute charge if you’re pressed for time
  • Industry leading noise-cancelling technology for disruption free listening
  • World class sound with the press of a button
  • Crystal clear phone calls on the go with Qualcomm's cVc two-mic technology
  • Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity to connect to your devices
  • Easy-to-use Cleer+ App with intuitive interface to customize your sound experience

Let’s talk about the design

While the tech is the most important part, the overall aesthetic of the headphones does play a part in making the experience a lot more rewarding. Your comfort is a priority, which is why we have redesigned the shape and feel of the ear pads – and even added a cooling feature to prevent any heat related discomfort after prolonged use.

APLHA is also available in two colors, Midnight Blue and Stone giving users the freedom to personalize their sound. After all, sound is a personal experience, and it should reflect your style.

Carefully crafted with YOU in mind

When designing ALPHA, we had the user experience top of mind, and this shines through from start to finish. From the adaptive noise cancelling technology to the booming sound and impressive design, everything has been carefully selected to ensure that you hear every beat.

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