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How Cleer Audio is bringing best Mimi sound personalization Technology

By Cleer Audio

When it comes to epic sound, delivered your way, Cleer Audio pushes boundaries to ensure that they’re able to do exactly that. Which is why utilizing Mimi sound personalization technology in their Cleer Ally Plus II earbuds should come as no surprise.

Building on their already impressive range of products and software powering each device, the Cleer Ally Plus II with MIMI sound personalization technology dares to take your sound experience to the next level.

So, what make Cleer Ally Plus II so special?

In addition to featuring the state-of-the-art Mimi sound personalization technology, they also happen to be noise cancelling true wireless earbuds. This means that they don’t have any wires to get tangled up or hooked on anything, and they’re able to block out the world with the simple click of a button.

If that doesn’t have your attention, the fact that they’re IPX4 water and sweat resistant with a 33-hour battery life might just do the trick.

How does Mimi sound personalization technology fit in?

Mimi's scientific technology will bring you customized sound for exceptional hearing. Featuring signal processing inspired by life, it solves problems that other processors can't. This is because Mimi sound processing provides real-time simulation of the human ear.

You may be wondering how Mimi sound personalization technology works...

Mimi is a bio-algorithm developed through years of research in auditory science that reproduces the function of the human ear. Mimi reprocesses the audio signal directly, helping the ear deliver more information to the brain.

The technology considers how the hearing ability of a person varies with age, and medical conditions, and is also affected by listening habits. We see better with glasses, so why not use technology that can do the same for our hearing?

What is the point of joining forces?

According to a CDC study on the prevention of tinnitus, 40 million American adults between the ages of 20 and 69 are currently suffering from tinnitus.

The partnership between Cleer Audio and Mimi will allow users to test their hearing ability and health and create the best audio experience through Mimi's sound-enhancing technology.

As society continues to spend more time listening to music and sounds on our devices, the issue of physical health is becoming a bigger issue. This is where we identified the opportunity to help reduce hearing loss and provide our customers with a simple solution.

Here's how the enhanced hearing experience works:

Audio test: Cleer Audio Ally Plus II users complete a short audio test to play their unique sound profile, considering individual audio effects shaped by genetics, lifestyle, age, and environmental conditions.

Personalized headphones: Mimi integrates hearing quality into headphones and earphones, allowing users to tailor the audio signal to their unique hearing ability, aiming to reduce the risk of hearing loss. This creates the best sound experience where the audience can hear more details, enjoy the music, and follow the conversation.

Improve hearing health: A personalized product powered by Mimi, remembers the user's profile every time the headphones are turned on for a personalized experience designed to improve hearing health.


At the core of what we do at Cleer Audio is providing a unique sound experience that takes the average listening session to the next level. In addition to offering world-class sound through state-of-the-art devices, ensuring that the health and safety of our customers are addressed is also important.

By utilizing Mimi sound personalization technology, we’re able to ensure that you can listen to whatever you like whenever you like, with peace of mind knowing that the health of your ears is being put first.

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