ALLY True Wireless Earbuds

Experience enhanced listening freedom with the Ally True Wireless earbuds. Featuring an ultra-long battery life, water and sweat-resistant buds with a secure fit wing and high-sensitivity custom tuned neodymium drivers for dynamic listening and strong bass response. The Ally is built for active lifestyles.


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Comfort & Secure Twist Fit

Lightweight design for lasting comfort. Just select your preferred size ear tip and Freebit® wing, then twist, locking the earbud in the ear for a custom, secure fit.

IPX5 Sweatproof

With IPX5 water resistance and sweatproof design, the Ally true wireless earbuds will stand up to your toughest of workouts.

Intuitive Controls

Remove the earbuds to pause or place back to start music. Soft touch operation for play, pause, and calls.

Immersive Audio

Bluetooth® 5.0 with AptX™ combined with a custom tuned 5.8mm Neodymium driver provides clear detailed sound with strong bass response.

Battery Life

With an industry leading 30 total hours of playback, you can take Ally anywhere. The earbuds provide 10 hours of battery life when fully charged and an additional 20 hours of playback with the slim charging case.



  • True wireless listening with Bluetooth 5.0
  • Industry leading up to 10 hours audio playback for all day use
  • Included slim recharging case – additional 20 hours of playback
  • Touch pad operation for play, pause, answering and ending calls and access to your voice assistant
  • In-ear sensors for auto-pause when Ally is removed and auto-playback when Ally is placed back in-ear
  • Earbuds are IPX5 water-resistant and sweatproof great for the working out in the gym or running around town
  • Take calls with either the left, right, or both earbuds. Enjoy echo free calls with Qualcomm cVcTM 8th generation
  • Freebit ear wings for a secure, comfortable ergonomic fit even when active


  • ALLY
  • Silicon Ear-tips (S,M,L)
  • Wing-tips
  • Charging Case
  • Micro USB input
  • Quick Start Guide

6 reviews for ALLY

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    (6 reviews)

    S Taylor

    I won’t go to the gym without them. You can’t hear the extra gym noises, the sound is great and they do not fall out of my ears. They last a long time on one charge too!

  2. 5
    (6 reviews)

    Todd Erdman

    I have trouble finding in ear headphones, until I got the ALLY. It took a bit to get used to how to control them with the gestures, partially becuse of their small size. I do not typically like in-ear headphones (and I have had many – both wired and wireless – from inexpensive to top of the line; because the issue for me is, they either come loose and fall out or end up hurting my ears becasue they do not fit well and I have to jam them in to stay. And in-ears usually sacrifice some aspect of the sound quality. The ALLY has not given me any these problems. They are comfortable, easy to put in, and ALLY has a clean, pure, and natural sound… (and the battery life is AWESOME). If you have been struggling to find in-ears, you will not regret getting the CLEER ALLY. My next purchase will be the ALLY PLUS becasue of the noise-cancellation.

  3. 5
    (6 reviews)

    Steven Block

    Love these! Connected easy, comfortable and sound is amazing

  4. 5
    (6 reviews)


    I really liked these earbuds. I recently lost my first pair of them and I will be buying another pair. My favorite feature of the earbuds are the wings. They will not hurt if you leave them in your ear, like other earbuds I’ve had, and they will not fall out when you get sweaty. I have recommended these earbuds to all of my friends because they don’t cost too much, they are comfortable to wear, they will not fall out, and they sound great. I highly recommend.

  5. 2
    (6 reviews)


    I have gotten 2 pairs of these earbuds and both times one earbud was unresponsive. First pair was fray and. Black the right one didn’t work. Second pair red because all others were sold out now the left one dosent work

  6. 2
    (6 reviews)


    At work I can only have one headphone in these headphones don’t allow to have one charging and one in your ear. Randomly one of the earbuds will just disconnect and you have to use the other one, it’s not a battery issue they just randomly drop. The sound is also a little quiet.

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Ally Earbud Playback time?

ALLY can provide 10 hours playback time continuously when fully charged.

How long does it take to charge the Ally charging case?

ALLY charging case can be fully charged in 3 hours with 5V1A output adaptor.

Battery capacity

Each ALLY earbud is equipped with high-capacity polymer lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 85mAh. Charging case is 545mAh.

What size wall USB adapter can be used to charge the Ally case?

It's recommend that you use a 5V1A qualified adapter or use the computer's USB interface to charge directly.

Charging port type

ALLY recharging case has Micro-USB charging port.

Is there a wall adaptor included?

It is not included and needs to be purchased separately. We recommended 5V1A qualified adapter.

What's the weight of Ally?

ALLY earbud weight is only about 7g/.015 lb, charging case weight is 48g/.11 lb.

Is it waterproof?

The Ally earbuds are IPX 5 certified, water-resistant and sweatproof.

What is the driver size?

5.8mm high quality neodymium dynamic driver.

What version Bluetooth does Ally support?

Bluetooth 5.0 and is backwards compatible with earlier Bluetooth technology.

What chipset does Ally use?

ALLY uses Qualcomm ACC 3026 chipset.

Operating temperature?

ALLY has a suitable operating temperature of 5-35°/41-95°F. Excessive or too low temperature may affect product performance.

Can it work with an iPhone?

Yes. The ALLY is Bluetooth 5.0 compliant and backward compatible. It can be connected to all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones (Android/iOS), tablet, PC, TV and other electronic devices.

Does it support AptX?


Does it support AptXHD?


Does it support HD Audio?


Does Ally support AAC?


Is there controls on the earbuds?

There is a touch panel on each ALLY earbud.

How to manually pair Ally to a smart phone?

Take out either earbud and touch the touchpad 3 times quickly, and on the third time hold it for 2 seconds or more until the earbud indicator LED flashes red and blue alternately. Then the earbuds will enter the Bluetooth pairing mode. Select Cleer ALLY in the Bluetooth list to automatically complete the Bluetooth pairing. In the pop-up window select “Pairing” and the second earbuds will automatically complete the pairing. Now you can start using the earbuds.

Can it connect to computer?

As long as your computer supports Bluetooth audio, you can connect your headphones to your computer. (Note that we have optimized for use with smartphones/phones but it is not optimized for direct use with computers).

Bluetooth is disconnected, then restored, will it be reconnected automatically?

Yes, when headphone is powered on, if it returns to the Bluetooth range within 10 minutes and will automatically reconnect.

Already connected to the phone, how to connect another phone?

Manually enter Bluetooth pairing mode and connect another device.

Support to connect two devices?


How do you clear the Bluetooth memory?

To clear the Bluetooth record, take the following steps:
1. Put the earbuds back in the charging case.
2. Quickly touch the touchpad 2 times and hold it down for the second time until the earbud indicator turns green.
3. Allow the earbuds to remain in the charging case for more than 10 seconds to complete the clean up.
4. You need to do the same process with the Left earbud as well.

Is the Bluetooth connection stable?

Yes. The ALLY is Bluetooth 5.0 compliant and backward compatible. Can be connected to all Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones (Android/iOS), tablet, PC, TV and other electronic devices.

Can make a call?

Yes, each earbud of the ALLY headphones is equipped with separate microphones, which can be used to support calls on either side.

Is the music automatically suspended when there is a call?

Yes. When there is a call, the music will automatically pause. When you hang up, it will resume playing automatically.

Is there voice assistant?

ALLY does not support voice assistant service, but you can call up the voice assistant on your connected phone by pressing and holding the touch pad for more than 3 seconds.

Is there LED indicator?

ALLY earbuds have an indicator on each side. In different states, there will be different indication. The ALLY charging box also has an indicator light for the battery status.

Will the remaining battery capacity be displayed after connecting the phone?

Will be displayed. Generally, there will be a battery graphic in the notification bar of the mobile phone, and the remaining power will be displayed in a graphic form. (need to cooperate with mobile phone).

Is there a low battery reminder?

Yes. When the battery is less than 10%, there will be a “low battery” voice prompt.



True Wireless Earbuds