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New Year fitness resolutions: 5 essentials to help you stay fit

By Cleer Audio It's mid-December, are you ready to decide on your new year fitness resolutions?

If you're like most people who make New Year's resolutions but don't follow through on the motivation, you're not alone. That's why we've put together a list of easy ways to improve your fitness goals and make sure you reach them in no time!

Set short-term goals

You cannot achieve the goals you set for yourself without proper motivation. So where does the inspiration come from? Progress - and progress continues at that. If your goals are long-term, which means that they (really) will take more than a few weeks to achieve, you may lose. However, when you set short-term goals, meaning one small goal each week, you won't lose steam because you're constantly making progress.

Another great source of inspiration comes from listening to music, and with Cleer ARC open ear headphones it's easier than ever. simply pop the open ear headphones on, select your favorite playlist and bring it to life with the 16.2mm neodymium drivers that beam audio toward your ears.

Make it social media official

We're not talking about checking your news feed or adding multiple updates every hour. But a little social media can do some good for your decision. Tell your friends about the big goals that you're working on. It could be losing 10 pounds or cutting out processed foods from your diet. But either way, your online community can help you answer questions and encourage you to keep going.

Find a fitness partner

Are you more likely to train each day alone or with a friend? If you need extra help keeping up with all the classes, hitting the gym, or getting out of bed in the morning for your sessions, grab a friend to keep you motivated, and supported.

Reward yourself every week

As you work to achieve progress every week, one of the best and most obvious ways to keep achieving your goals is to give yourself a weekly reward. It doesn't have to be anything big, as long as it's a "fun treat" to stick to your New Year's resolution. For example, treat yourself to a latte every Friday morning (to hit the gym four times this week) or treat yourself. treat yourself to a 10-minute foot massage at the mall. When it comes to motivation, a little is enough!

Or consider upgrading those old earbuds for a pair of open ear true wireless earbuds. Wire-free training certainly makes things easier, and we recommend using Cleer ARC open ear earbuds to get the job done. Designed for active individuals to power the most intense workouts, isn't it time that you gave these open ear headphones a try?

Always raise the bar

Even when you reach your New Year's resolution, it's not hard to stop. Keep raising that "fitness" bar, by trying cardio or a weight class (but tough) or learning a new way to get in shape. By continuing to give yourself a new health challenge or health-related challenge every month (or every few months), you will continue to experience a healthy body and mind.

Level up in the new year

As we look ahead to another exciting year, one thing is for sure: we need to stay motivated if we want to be successful. For us, music is the ultimate motivator, and by investing in a pair of open ear earbuds, you're investing in your success.

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