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Everything you should know about neodymium dynamic drivers

By Cleer Audio To understand what neodymium drivers are, we first need to look at what they're made of.

Neodymium magnets are the strongest type of magnet in the world and can deliver exceptional magnetic force in a small size.

This means that even in small quantities these magnets are still very strong. That's why most speakers use neodymium magnets in their tweeters. The strength of these magnets results in a very powerful speaker, without sacrificing weight or overall depth.

As a result, neodymium tweeters are lighter, more powerful, and have a smaller profile than other speakers that use lower magnets. In addition, the strength of the neodymium magnets allows the tweeters to work better in more demanding conditions, resulting in less distortion at any level of operation.

Why is neodymium so special?

Neodymium magnets are the strongest permanent magnets available anywhere in the world. They offer unparalleled levels of magnetism and resistance to demagnetization compared to ferrite, alnico, and even samarium-cobalt magnets. Neodymium is magnetic because it is a ferromagnetic material. Magnetic means; magnetic force or attraction by a magnet. Neodymium is a rare earth element, but when it is alloyed with iron and boron, it becomes the strongest magnet on the market.

That's why we chose to use neodymium in our Cleer ALLY PLUS II noise cancelling true wireless earbuds neodymium drivers. These true wireless earbuds offer larger-than-life sound for active individuals.

How audio sound driver works?

Sound drivers are essentially cones that are usually made of paper, plastic, or metal. This moves back and forth and creates a change in air pressure (sound waves) that eventually reaches your eardrum and causes it to bounce back and forth accordingly.

It makes you hear the sound. The cone is moved by an electromagnetic wave caused by a wire under the cone, called the coil. An electric current from the amplifier (or amplifiers built into your receiver) drives the voice coil and the voice coil connects to a permanent magnet attached to the speaker cone (or dome or type whatever he may be angry about).

Speakers come in a variety of sizes, but in general, the higher the volume, the lower the frequency. Since high frequencies require sound waves that have high and low pressures close together, the cone must be small enough to move back and forth quickly to keep hitting it. Fewer times will come and go slower, smaller drivers struggle with those. So, you see that the drivers are designed for a specific audio frequency range.

Many speakers that have multiple drivers in their enclosure have a speaker, which separates the incoming audio signal and distributes it to the appropriate driver.

What is the use of dynamic drivers?

Most mid-range headphones come with this type of driver. Neodymium drivers in earbuds are good speakers that are fast and produce good sound, especially bass. They usually have a lot of headphones with them.

Dynamic drivers have three main components, the neckband, diaphragm, and magnet - the latter, in this case, being neodymium of course.

When you use noise cancelling true wireless earbuds neodymium drivers a magnetic field creates sound and when electricity flows, it behaves like an electromagnet and in turn moves the diaphragm which moves air to create sound. It usually moves a large amount of air which produces a good bass response.

The bottom line

Before buying noise cancelling true wireless earbuds neodymium drivers, you must know the drivers and hardware used. Choose true wireless earbuds that suit you best and fit your budget.

The best drivers are graphene or titanium with neodymium magnets. The quality of the driver is also very important. A great driver can give you a better HD sound experience.

Cleer Audio offers noise cancelling true wireless earbuds with neodymium drivers with the best features at an affordable price - like the Cleer ALLY PLUS II. So, before you buy, always check the features.

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