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What makes Enduro ANC different/better from other noise cancelling headphones

By Cleer Audio There is nothing worse than hearing the constant noise of a plane, the sound of a neighbor squealing next to you, or the sound of a child crying… the list goes on because there are many negative sounds in this noisy world.

How to choose the right helmet to avoid all this? At times like that, you just dream of getting away from the phone and away from the endless noise to a quiet place, where you can enjoy your favorite music. And while the teleportation machine is still in the works, there is a good substitute - noise cancelling wireless headphones like the Cleer ENDURO ANC.

What are noise cancelling wireless headphones?

Noise cancelling wireless headphones make use of digital signal processing (DSP) technology to cancel waves of ambient noise. Simply put, when you see "noise cancellation" or "active noise cancellation" it means that the headphones have built-in microphones and an audio processor that "listens" to your surrounding sound and plays a different tone for cancellation. This is called destructive interference.

Most models can handle constant ambient noise but sudden changes such as someone shouting or banging on the door are difficult to cope with. The best headphones allow you to hear only your music while sitting in the airplane seat, or better yet, give you peace even when there is no music.

Again, these are the headphones that you should wear carefully when you go out because they intend to remove the noise around you.

What to look for in Bluetooth noise cancelling wireless headphones?

When it comes to finding the best noise cancelling wireless headphones, Cleer ENDURO ANC checks all the boxes, here’s why.

Noise "isolation" vs noise "cancellation"

The main difference between Noise “isolation” and Noise “Cancellation” is that the sound isolation and its marketing are still available in many designs today and are achieved through physical, passive and barrier methods to block outside noise. However, "noise cancellation" is an active technology that uses digital signal processing (DSP). This causes the microphones inside the headphones to reproduce any noise present outside so that they effectively cancel each other out.

Cleer ENDURO ANC offers great noise cancelling performance that blocks unwanted noise and allows you to immerse yourself in your music. Surround-aware mode allows you to let outside sounds hear the world around you without removing your headphones.

Design quality

Most noise cancelling headphones on the market have ear cups that wrap around your entire ear, also known as "circum-ear headphones". These headphones are on the higher end of the size spectrum and are larger than their on-ear or in-ear cousins.

While noise cancelling technology is advancing in smaller headphones, most of your options still fall into the larger size category.

Battery life

With the great improvement in Li-ion (lithium-ion) technology, battery life is extended for hours and full charge is faster than ever.

So if the low battery and port congestion issue is a story that speaks to you, these might be a couple of options to check out. Overall, the battery life is very good and the noise cancelling is excellent. As long as you remember to fully charge these headphones, there will be no problem using them during long flights or long trips.

ENDURO ANC has an extended battery life that provides up to 60 hours of playback from a single charge.


Gone are the hard, cheap ear cups that gave you headaches. Welcome the soft, leather cushioning that felt like your favorite pillow at night.

That being said, these are still great headphones that weigh a little more than an over-the-ear design.

Portable If you plan to travel a lot with these headphones, portability should be at the top of your list when shopping.

One area you want to pay attention to is where and how the earcups bend or talk to make the headphones portable. In some cases, the earbuds will bend only somewhere, forming a pancake shape in its most popular form. Other styles have ear cups that rest on the side of the headband as it folds back on itself to give a rounded shape.


This is a topic that comes down to preference because many noise cancelling models have made the sound very good and prevent outside noise at the same time.

Cleer ENDURO ANC has powerful 40mm wireless drivers that deliver bold Hi-Res audio. Bluetooth® 5.0 with advanced AptX™ dynamic music streaming.

The bottom line

Noise cancelling headphones tend to be expensive, but that doesn't mean you have to settle for the most expensive set on the market. You can get yourself a cheap pair of headphones that will allow you to focus in peace.

Shop around, do your homework and take the time to read reviews. From there, we're sure you'll find the perfect pair for your use, whether you're sitting at home, on a plane, or in a bustling office.

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