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Crescent Smart Audio Speaker: The Perfect Device for A New Year’s Eve Party

By Cleer Audio So, you've decided to upgrade your home with a stylish smart audio speaker, just in time for your New Year's Eve bash. Good for you. And if you think it's just a matter of choosing your favorite Bluetooth-powered speaker, think again.

These days, it's easy to list tech companies that don't sell smart audio speakers for the home, so the number of options can be overwhelming. The best 3D Smart audio speaker for the new year party, like the best phones, find themselves almost exclusively from two platforms. On one side you have Amazon Alexa, on the other, you have Google Assistant.

There's also a slot for Apple's Siri, the first true AI voice assistant we've ever been introduced to.

The good news is that most services and devices will support both platforms, so when choosing a smart audio speaker for the home, that shouldn't be a concern.

But why should I get a smart audio speaker?

What else can a smart audio speakers do besides answer questions or play music? We've compiled a list to shed some light on this.

  1. Get tips on where to eat, drink, dance, or shop
That's right, you can ask your new smart speaker for local directions. Whatever you're looking for, Google will provide location details and even the best directions to get there. As long as the business is listed on Google.

  1. Check your email and status
For those who can't leave their email or calendar alone, your speaker can become a personal assistant. It is good if you work for yourself. Or you work from home and need a quick way to know what you have next or remind yourself of important dates.

  1. Set the scene
Cleer Crescent Smart Audio Speakers allow you to control various aspects of your home without lifting a finger. We're talking about changing the temperature of the air conditioner, turning off the lights, playing music, or turning off the TV.

  1. Get fit and healthy
If your New Year's resolution is to be positive, this might be for you. Top fitness brands have developed smart and intelligent talking apps to help you monitor and improve your health. Includes personalized exercise and nutrition advice. And if you have a smartwatch, connect the device, and request the latest fitness stats.

  1. Shopping made easy
You no longer have to write a shopping list and go shopping; you can ask your speakers to add products to your grocery list when you think about it and record it with the Google Assistant built into the Cleer Crescent smart audio speaker.

  1. Prepare a feast
When you're stuck in a rut and don't know what to do for your New Year’s Eve party, just ask your 3D Smart audio speaker for the new year party. With appliances such as Jamie Oliver, Quaker Oats, and others, the speaker can read the instructions while cooking.

  1. And choose the perfect drink
Once you have prepared the perfect meal, you can ask the smart audio speaker which wine is most suitable. Using other apps from Brewdog or Drinks & Co, you can get advice on the best drink for your meal. Some also provide you with party facts that will help you become an expert at the dinner table.

  1. Choose your magic number
The National Lottery has launched an app on Amazon Echo and it's good for sports enthusiasts. You can check your favorite team's football score and get updated when you can't watch the game.

  1. Be entertained
Listen to music over dinner or entertain the kids with interactive games. Great speakers can provide entertainment for you and your family. So, they are perfect for lazy days after Christmas and entertaining guests on New Year’s Eve.

Ready to celebrate the New Year in style?

From shopping and catering to playing music and keeping everyone entertained, there’s very little your 3D Smart audio speaker for the new year party can’t do. That’s why it’s the perfect device for a New Year’s Eve party.

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